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I don't want anyone in my ships to die/be dead. I'd prefer no PWP. If you write a ficlet that's more suggestive/pre-ship/UST than explicit about the relationship, that's A-OK with me.

Art treats are welcome, if you're an artist!

Supergirl (TV)
Kara Danvers/Jimmy Olsen

These two are so adorable, and I would love to see more of that. I love their dynamic on the show (so cute and fluffy!) and would like something similar-ish in tone (more serious/dramatic is good, but I don't want anything very dark). Some prompts:

  • Having to go undercover as a couple for Reasons, and the UST that causes
  • They get stuck in a time loop together, and end up falling in love ♥___♥
  • Anything hurt/comfort, for either of them - Kara has to patch Jimmy up, Jimmy tending Kara after kryptonite exposure/injury, etc
  • One of them gets amnesia! Angsty or fluffy, or both!

Agents of SHIELD
Will Daniels/Jemma Simmons

;_______; I really loved their dynamic in "4,722 Hours," especially the voice of hope/voice of doom thing. Will's dry commentary and sense of humor very welcome. I would love to see:

  • Moments from their time together on the alien planet - I would love anything domesticky/survivalist especially (stranded on an alien planet curtainfic! Will teaching Jemma to cook with alien food! hurt/comfort!)
  • A canon AU where Will doesn't die and was rescued - maybe his and Jemma's reunion, getting to go on an Earth date for the first time, Jemma showing him what's changed, either/both of them having trouble adjusting to life back on Earth

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Jane Foster/Loki

I really dig the way Thor is always between them and how fraught that makes their relationship. It's hard enough to stick these two together in a longfic, so I don't expect anything more than UST in a 300-word ficlet! Honestly, I love snippets/ficlets that are suggestive of a larger untold story. A couple of things I'm not into for this ship: fluff, true love/soulmates, redemption through romantic love, Loki as some kind of master seductor/sex god (he strikes me as reserved and wary of intimacy). A couple of prompts:

  • Jane and Loki stuck in a time loop together! You're welcome to just do a snippet/one iteration of the loop/something similar to keep it short
  • Anything having to do with Jane rescuing Loki from the snake for whatever reason (hurt/comfort), or any twist on the myths you are inspired by
  • For that matter, anything that forces Loki to take care of/tend Jane (Aether aftereffects?)
  • Somehow they get stuck together! Magical handcuffs, accidental magical soulbonding (can they sense each other's emotions/thoughts??? ♥___♥), Thor in danger, anything that forces them to (grudgingly) work together/take care of each other
  • You can kill off Thor to bring them together
  • Pretty much any canon AU is going to be fine with me
  • Reincarnation/another lifetime - different ways they come together?
  • Idunn's apples (she turns it down. ANGST)
  • Amnesia, y'all. amnesia
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