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I borrowed the structure of this post from roane72's Get Your Words Out accountability post.


Goal for year: 150,000

Minimum goal for January: 12,740
Words written in January: 8,937
Shortage/surplus: -3,803

Minimum goal for YTD: 12,740
My total for year so far: 8,937
Shortage/surplus: -3,803


Stories worked on:
  • Secret original paranormal romance project (B3)
  • Heroine Big Bang
  • Jane/Loki f/f+fisting
  • that Reylo story I haven't quite figured out yet
  • A couple of short birthday treats

Stories finished:
  • Secret original paranormal romance project (B3)
  • A couple of short birthday treats

Goals for February:
  • Finish next secret original paranormal romance project (L2) (it's half-written already, but the first half needs retooling)
  • Finish Jane/Loki f/f & post in honor of defunct Porn Battle :(
  • Finish Chocolate Box assignment & treats
  • Progress on Heroine Big Bang (10k?)
  • Figure out Reylo story
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