Oct. 18th, 2014

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I have posted a lot of exchange letters, so feel free to trawl through those too, using the "dear creator" tag, although I borrow from them a lot.

General likes:
  • For very actiony or supernatural canons, I really like curtain fic/domestic fic, especially if it gives a picture of "life in this crazy canon."
  • Whump and hurt/comfort, in all forms. Amnesia, sickness, trauma, injury, whatever. Trauma aftermath and stories about coping (or not coping) do wonderful things for me.
  • Apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic fic, including post-apocalyptic curtainfic (lol). Just no zombies. (Except Little Mosque - I would definitely read that zombie apocalypse with hearts in my eyes.)
  • Open endings, including ambiguity about whether the relationship will work out if it's a shippy fic.
  • Family dynamics, both found families and I'm-stuck-with-this-biofamily.
  • Traveling and/or road trips. All the road trips.
  • Sex pollen and all its non-flora incarnations, forever and always.
  • Groundhog Day stories.
  • Alternate universes (especially of the canon-divergent variety, but all are welcome that preserve the canon dynamics between characters).
  • Difficult ethical quandaries for good/heroic characters.
  • Worldbuilding.
  • Pining (including unrequited) and miscommunication troubles.
  • A/B/O AUs. For literally any of the fandoms I've requested, even if it would be lulzy. I love the idea of the A/B/O dynamic changing what we see in canon.
  • Relationship/marriage tropes (undercover as a couple, marriage of convenience, sharing a bed, cooking as love, etc).
  • Five things/times/etc, with different numbers or negations.
  • Darkfic/horror. I've added some prompts from Crueltide. I'm not expecting the darkest of dark (although that's good too!) but anything that's fundamentally unhappy or heart-hurty too. Darkfic works best for me when there's a psychological component: a degrading sense of self, questioning one's own sanity or senses, creeping doubt, etc. While I don't need a happy ending, some sense of closure or resolution to the situation would be nice (even if our tortured hero is left with lingering psychological scars or is never the same again ...). No animal or child abuse or amputation, please. The only canon I definitely don't want darkfic for is Little Mosque on the Prairie.

↑ Feel free to consider all of these prompts.

General dislikes:
  • Explicit, straight-up non-con/rape. References to the past or to current attempts to deal with trauma are totally fine.
  • Kid fic/next gen/pregnancy fic. (exception: Little Mosque, Inhuman)
  • On-screen wedding ceremonies or marriage proposals. (exception: Little Mosque)
  • Soulmates/True Love. Love is great, but except for canons where True Love is built in (like OUAT), I tend toward thinking that all the relationships in a person's history are significant to them and don't become meaningless now that they've found someone else.
  • Sexual appearances by non-sexual bodily fluids (non-sexual appearances are fine, if that makes sense).

I have zero preferences about ratings; stuff I read and look at regularly run the gamut from G to E. I would be happy to receive porn (if I've requested a ship) with or without plot. I'm cool with violence and horror, too. I'm a sucker for all character studies and portraits.

I'm equally excited about all the fandoms I've requested; don't worry that just because one section is particularly long or short, that's equivalent to how much I want it.

13 Going on 30: Jenna Rink, Matt Flamhaff )

Inhuman: Dante Pertuz, Gabriela Pertuz )

Little Mosque on the Prairie: Sarah Hamoudi, Yasir Hamoudi )

Longmire (TV) )

Spider-Man (Ultimateverse): Katie Bishop, Miles Morales )

Peaky Blinders: Grace Burgess, Tommy Shelby )
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