Nov. 14th, 2014

subjunctive: (hulk nat)
Mostly for my own reference, but in case anyone else is interested in this pairing, which I'm really excited for given the AOU spoilers and trailer (my icon is a moment I am SO looking forward to). Bruce and Natasha are my favorites, and I saw their chemistry in The Avengers and immediately wanted to see more of them together in whatever context or relationship. They're perfect together: both with angsty pasts they are trying to move on from, suspicious of each other even though they really have more in common, and delicious potential for hurt/comfort. (That moment with Bruce in the blanket did things for me, emotionally speaking.)

Unfortunately, though they're tagged in more than 300 fics on AO3, they're almost always a background pairing in someone else's story. So I made it my mission to look through every fic and find the ones that were really about Bruce/Natasha and find the best ones. Ta da~

14 Bruce/Natasha fics )
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