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I have posted a lot of exchange letters, so feel free to trawl through those too, using the "dear creator" tag, although I borrow from them a lot.

General likes:
  • For very actiony or supernatural canons, I really like curtain fic/domestic fic, especially if it gives a picture of "life in this crazy canon."
  • Whump and hurt/comfort, in all forms. Amnesia, sickness, trauma, injury, whatever. Trauma aftermath and stories about coping (or not coping) do wonderful things for me.
  • Apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic fic, including post-apocalyptic curtainfic (lol). Just no zombies. (Except Little Mosque - I would definitely read that zombie apocalypse with hearts in my eyes.)
  • Open endings, including ambiguity about whether the relationship will work out if it's a shippy fic.
  • Family dynamics, both found families and I'm-stuck-with-this-biofamily.
  • Traveling and/or road trips. All the road trips.
  • Sex pollen and all its non-flora incarnations, forever and always.
  • Groundhog Day stories.
  • Alternate universes (especially of the canon-divergent variety, but all are welcome that preserve the canon dynamics between characters).
  • Difficult ethical quandaries for good/heroic characters.
  • Worldbuilding.
  • Pining (including unrequited) and miscommunication troubles.
  • A/B/O AUs. For literally any of the fandoms I've requested, even if it would be lulzy. I love the idea of the A/B/O dynamic changing what we see in canon.
  • Relationship/marriage tropes (undercover as a couple, marriage of convenience, sharing a bed, cooking as love, etc).
  • Five things/times/etc, with different numbers or negations.
  • Darkfic/horror. I've added some prompts from Crueltide. I'm not expecting the darkest of dark (although that's good too!) but anything that's fundamentally unhappy or heart-hurty too. Darkfic works best for me when there's a psychological component: a degrading sense of self, questioning one's own sanity or senses, creeping doubt, etc. While I don't need a happy ending, some sense of closure or resolution to the situation would be nice (even if our tortured hero is left with lingering psychological scars or is never the same again ...). No animal or child abuse or amputation, please. The only canon I definitely don't want darkfic for is Little Mosque on the Prairie.

↑ Feel free to consider all of these prompts.

General dislikes:
  • Explicit, straight-up non-con/rape. References to the past or to current attempts to deal with trauma are totally fine.
  • Kid fic/next gen/pregnancy fic. (exception: Little Mosque, Inhuman)
  • On-screen wedding ceremonies or marriage proposals. (exception: Little Mosque)
  • Soulmates/True Love. Love is great, but except for canons where True Love is built in (like OUAT), I tend toward thinking that all the relationships in a person's history are significant to them and don't become meaningless now that they've found someone else.
  • Sexual appearances by non-sexual bodily fluids (non-sexual appearances are fine, if that makes sense).

I have zero preferences about ratings; stuff I read and look at regularly run the gamut from G to E. I would be happy to receive porn (if I've requested a ship) with or without plot. I'm cool with violence and horror, too. I'm a sucker for all character studies and portraits.

I'm equally excited about all the fandoms I've requested; don't worry that just because one section is particularly long or short, that's equivalent to how much I want it.

13 Going on 30
Jenna Rink, Matt Flamhaff

Original Request: I would love something set in either of the movie's universes. If set in the sad ending timeline, maybe Jenna moving on (or not) after Matt's wedding and finding closure or pining, or something fluffy a la a missing scene from when Jenna was working at the magazine. If in the new future where they are together, I would love something before the movie's final scene where they move into their house, about the development of their relationship.

Additional Notes: I love, love, love, alternate timelines/universes, and especially ones that explore their differences, similarities, or points of divergence. So this movie was like candy for me, as you might guess. Anything about Matt and Jenna's relationship would be great. The only thing I don't really want is one-sided pining from Matt's side that is Nice Guyish. One-sided pining, including Matt's, is great! Just not focusing on how he's so nice so he deserves her and why doesn't she like him and she's attracted to jerks, etc.

Infidelity is fine for this fandom, especially the sad ending universe post-Matt's marriage, but Matt's pining and perhaps less-than-ideal-but-not-acted-upon feelings for Jenna post-wedding are good too. Despite the ending, I thought Matt said something meaningful about forging your own good-enough ending even when the fairy-tale ending is no longer possible, and would love to read a fic exploring that (if you want to include Matt's wife here, please do!).

In the happy ending timeline, my assumption is that Jenna and Matt weren't together 100% of the time from age 13 (or whenever) to adulthood. I would love something that explored years where they weren't together, or reunion after spending time apart and (re)discovering each other. Jenna's conflicted feelings - did her journey to a possible future really happen? How can they not be together at every moment?? etc - would be lovely too.

YT guidelines say that all the characters someone requests have to appear, but for me it's fine if Jenna only appears in Matt's thoughts or vice-versa.

Crueltide ideas: apocalypse, character death, hauntings, insanity, unhappy endings (Does Jenna ever feel like she's going insane? What about hallucinating the Matt she wants vs. the Matt she has/doesn't have? One responding to the death of the other?)

Any (Dante Pertuz, Gabriela Pertuz, Jason, Medusa)

Original Request: I'd love something focusing on Dante and Gabriela as family. (No incest, please.) Maybe their mutual grief about their mother/Gabriela's husband, or Gabriela's struggles with the pregnancy and/or child now that her husband is gone, or their relationship to the Inhuman nation/society/culture or New Attilan and how they are adjusting to that. Other characters - especially Jason, Medusa, and Lineage - very welcome.

Additional Notes: One of my favorite current comics! I love the artwork, the bold colors especially - very fantastical, just a lot of fun. You could go just about any route with this canon and I would be happy: worldbuilding, political machinations, character study, gen tropefic, you name it. Some other prompts:

  • Nuhumans road trip to get away from all the crazy and politics and process their families' death! (With Jason?)
  • Jason's comment about Lash and Medusa being similar struck me as true, even if I think canon will say something different. Cynicism about politics and political leaders: I'll eat it up.
  • Dante and Jason learning about and mastering their powers (or failing). Does he want to be a superhero? Does he want to serve New Attilan? Does he just want to be normal?
  • Gabriela's pregnancy spared her from the Terrigen Mist, but it's just been delayed and she activates after the birth (without dying, hopefully). And/or the kid is notably Inhuman/powered!
  • Recruiting new Nuhumans. (If you read Ms. Marvel, Kamala would be a great choice, but OCs would be wonderful too.)
  • Nuhumans trying to adjust and figure out their new lives while trying to hand on to the old. Maybe they want to go in different directions, or in the opposite vein, something about family loyalty and sticking together.
  • Dante/Medusa femdom. Kink it up if you want. Loyalty (or the development of it)? Orgasm denial? Bondage? The sky's wide open.
  • Dante/Jason - experimentation, working together, relationship tropes.

Crueltide ideas: apocalypse, body horror, brainwashing, corruption, dystopia, medical experimentation, mind control, monsters, poisons/toxins, torture, unhappy endings, violence (This canon is so perfect for body horror.)

Little Mosque on the Prairie
Sarah Hamoudi, Yasir Hamoudi

Original Request: I’d like to see Sarah and Yasir get back together somehow. Alternatively (or additionally), I’d also like to know more about their backstory – how did they meet? How did Sarah decide to convert and what was it like? I love stories about people traveling together, too, and it sounds like they did some of that. Feel free to include any other resident of Mercy, especially if they’re meddling/gossiping/observing.

Additional Notes: This show is so light, cheery, and smart. It’s just so unfailingly upbeat about the power of people to resolve problems, overcome differences, and be flawed but well-intentioned and lovable. It’s what makes me think the world, and the people in it, are basically good. Which is why I was so disappointed with the Sarah/Yasir situation. I know it was a necessary choice from a production standpoint because of Carlo Rota’s projects, but it was a mystifying and frustrating decision coming from his character, who doesn’t seem like the kind of man to just abandon his wife and daughter, even for his mother/homeland. If coming up with an explanation/rationalization (even a not-very-good one) is possible, I’d love to hear about it, just so it makes more sense in my head.

For them to get back together, maybe Yasir decides to come back to Mercy for a silly made-up reason, maybe he finds excuses to delay (meaning keep working on) a job that keeps him in touch with Sarah, maybe they start seeing each other but sneak around so as not to get Rayyan’s hopes up or because it’s more exciting that way.

For this fandom, I’m more than happy to make an exception to the no-weddings/proposals-onscreen request; if Yasir and Sarah had some kind of re-commitment ceremony and/or if you wanted to write about the original proposal, I’d be thrilled.

Longmire (TV)
Cady Longmire, Henry Standing Bear

Original Request: I loved their dynamic in season three and would love to see more of them together (missing scene, continuation of s3, etc). Cady and Henry working at the Red Pony, or Cady working on Henry's case, them relating outside either of those contexts, pre-canon dynamic and interactions: just about anything would be great. Whether you want to go in a more familial or more shippy direction is up to you - I would love either. Feel free to include other characters, especially Walt, but also Vic, Branch, Ferg, etc.

Additional Notes: This was not a relationship I expected to start caring about coming into season three, but throwing two characters together, giving them a very difficult and stressful situation, and having one of them try (probably hopelessly) to save the other is, I guess, catnip to me! More insight into Cady as her career was going sideways and she attempts to put her life back together would be great, as would Henry's attempts to help her out by giving her a job and training her, etc, something about Henry's position (possibly a changing one, at least recently) in the community, and/or something about their respective (past?) relationships with Branch and Deena.

If you do go in a shippy direction, hiding anything they're doing together from Walt would massage my id terrifically, as would either fluff or omgthisisdirtybadwrong feelings on either side. For example, Cady returning to Absaroka County after several years (college and law school, presumably) away, and either/both of them being surprised by their attraction to the other. Relationship tropes also welcome.

Crueltide ideas: apocalypse, character death, corruption, hauntings, hypothermia, poisons/toxins, torture, violence

Spider-Man (Ultimateverse)
Katie Bishop, Miles Morales

Original Request: Anything centered on their relationship would be wonderful to me, whether that's before they got together/in the crush stage, while they are dating (what kinds of dates do they go on as jobless 14-year-olds?), more about what happens when Katie finds out that he is Spider-Man and how their relationship changes and how she handles it, or a future-fic in which they are or are not still together (either is equally OK).

Additional Notes: I'm going to come back and write more here when I'm caught up with Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man (I'm behind, woe, but don't worry about spoiling me), but some things I love about the comic: They're so YOUNG, and I'd like either something about how, for example, Miles's age impacts his superheroic decision-making or to know more about how both of their experiences from the comic shape who they become as they get older. Some characters rescuing other (would be great if Kate or Kate and Ganke teamed up to rescue Miles from something!).

I love 616 Kate Bishop also, but don't feel like you need to draw from her; however, if you are familiar with her and are interested in this, I'd love to see how you'd incorporate, or deviate from, her path in the main universe as Hawkeye. Like I said above, I love alternate universes as a way of exploring decisions and possible lives. But don't feel like you need to. Alternatively, a story about either or both of them with their families and how they relate (maybe comparatively?) would be great too. I also love stories where childhood friends/sweethearts break up/move away/etc but meet each other again (in either a gen or rekindling-the-ship way) years later. I don't read any of the other Ultimates comics, but feel free to incorporate the wider Ultimateverse characters/stories/etc, particularly characters who have appeared in Miles's comic.

Crueltide ideas: body horror, brainwashing, corruption, dystopia, hauntings, medical experimentation, mind control, monsters, poisons/toxins, torture, unhappy endings, violence

Peaky Blinders
Grace Burgess, Tommy Shelby

Original Request: I really loved the development of their relationship over the course of the first season. They had some really beautiful quiet moments together. Things I would love to read about: more of Grace's background and spy training (possibly taking it up again in the future?), Tommy and Grace coming into some kind of plot-related conflict in the future, meeting again five/ten/etc years later or as old folks, general angsty relationship failure aftermath reflection, Tommy thinking about all the ways he misunderstood Grace (and/or vice-versa), or an AU from the last few episodes of S1 (like if Caldwell had acted differently).

Additional Notes: This was a very last-minute add to my list, so I will come back to this ASAP. ETA: I thought I would get through the second season and come back with more prompts, but given some work and school stresses that's not going to happen anytime soon! I will be caught up by the time the collection opens at least, so if you are inspired by something in the second season, please feel free to write it!
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