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New and just new to me. Spoilers abound.

Arrow, 3.01-3.02
Well, I think we all knew that was coming. Honestly the show held on to Sara longer than I thought it would. Everyone was calling something like this about as soon as she appeared. Still, what a waste of a great character.

I don't hate Laurel the way some people seem to; I just hope she gets some more consistent writing. I am looking forward to her eventual transformation into Black Canary.

Still, the best balm for my soul will be Oded Fehr on my screen. Get here already!

And I hate Roy Palmer even more than I am utterly indifferent to Oliver, so guess who I'm rooting for to win that corporate fight.

The Flash, 1.01-1.03
Cheesy but fun so far. Apparently the shipwars are wild already, so I haven't touched Tumblr and I plan to keep it that way. No thank you.

Both Cisco and Caitlin are misses for me, although I find Caitlin's grief a smidge more interesting than Cisco's... "fanboyishness," I guess you'd call it.

I have a professor who sounds JUST like Wells, so that endears him to me. I'm interested in the fact that he's clearly a shady character but apparently committed to Barry's wellbeing, or at least to keeping him alive for whatever reason of his own.

Not sure yet how the love triangle will play out, nor how I want it to. I had been hoping before the pilot that they'd have Barry's coma be the impetus for some kind of feelings change on Iris's part. But alas. If she didn't figure out she had feelings for him when he was almost dead, I don't think the show is going to successfully convince me that she develops them later. I also don't want their relationship to get torpedoed a la Laurel/Oliver.

Peaky Blinders, season one
And now for a change of pace. Just finished the first season and I am reeling. I have it bad for doomed love, people on opposite sides of a fight falling in love, and stories about falling for the mark, so I fell hard for Grace/Tommy.

If there was one thing I din't expect from the season finale, it was Ada's speech with the baby carriage when the Shelbies and Kimber's men faced off. Brilliant.

The music is pretty anachronistic but I think it worked really well. It's no Reign. :)

Helen McCrory as Polly was just so wonderful. It would have been easy to make her a Cersei type, inhumanely ambitious and selfish, but I'm so glad the show didn't go there. Everything she did was for the good of the family, including knowing when others were right. And she was a bit of a soft touch too, with a romantic heart, which you just don't see much of in these types of characters, particularly female ones. The revelation about her children didn't overtake her character development either; it was nicely balanced, giving us her reason for why she is so invested in securing the family. Just as Tommy's experiences in the war gave him the same drive.
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