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Dear Mischiefmaker,

Thank you for writing for me! I love lots of different kinds of stories, so you're in luck.

Original request:
I would love any of the following things: pre-canon adventures/questing/exploration; incorporation of/reference to Norse myth; post-TDW shenanigans involving Loki's plotting and/or messing with Sif's head from the throne (and/or Sif figuring it out and messing with Loki!); canon AUs for any of the three movies Loki has been in. Human AUs are fine too, as long as the dynamic between the characters is preserved (the one thing I would prefer about Loki/Sif in particular for this is that they have known each other growing up at least a little, rather than meeting as adults and strangers).

Feel free to include or ignore Sif's being in love with Thor per your preference. With Loki/Sif, I would be happy with something more antagonistic and hate-sexy, or something more focused on an actual relationship (just nothing too fluffy, although a happy ending - or a sad one - is fine). For tropes, I dig pining (including unrequited), relationship/marriage tropes (undercover as a couple, marriage of convenience, sharing a bed, etc), fantasizing about the other, "fix-it" time travel (even if it doesn't actually fix anything), and forced proximity/forced to work together or team up.

Additional prompts:
  • Ragnarok or other apocalypse situation
  • Spells or hexes where people can't lie
  • Teaming up to save Thor from something pre-canon
  • Exploring other realms, including Midgard, pre-canon
  • Canon AU: Loki fell to Earth, Yggdrasil, or elsewhere at the end of Thor (Sif come to rescue him?)
  • Huddling for warmth
  • Other AUs: steampunk, cyberpunk, historical, cop, urban fantasy, noir, odd or unusual professions

I would also be happy with anything that includes other characters, especially from the Thor movies, as well. Jane, Thor, the Warriors Three, Darcy, any are welcome.

Darkfic, mindfucks, nightmares come to life, and horror are all fine too. Loki's magic has a lot of potential there, though of course there are other creatures and artifacts out there too.

But something more domestic or curtainficcy, especially if it focuses on the characters' dynamic, would be lovely as well. I tend to see Sif and Loki as rivals who are uneasy around each other and have trust issues, but I would also buy them as people who understand each other in a way that Thor doesn't necessarily, as outsiders (even if they don't always agree with the other's choices).

For art, I would love to see some Asgardian formalwear (maybe at a formal occasion?), either of them working at their talents (using or cleaning weapons, performing magic), or young Sif and Loki doing something together. Feel free to interpret any of the prompts above in a visual way.

Stuff I don't want: Non-con, non-sexual bodily fluids, pregnancy or kid fic. That's pretty much it, I think.
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