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Quite late to this, but I've taken some time to think and process.

First: Wow, ten movies already, and now ten more. Holy shit. It's grown to the point that even if the MCU has one, two, even three failed movies that it would not put a dent in being a gargantuan cultural and financial powerhouse. Maybe if the three failed movies were all from the original franchise lines (Cap, Thor, Avengers team) and all in a row. Maybe. But no one's going to care if Ant-Man tanks. (Personally, I'm looking forward to it, but that may just be because the twin pulls of Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are strong. And, I admit, I'm going in with seriously low expectations. I'd rather be surprised.)

Also, LOL @ DC trying to pull off something similar. I'm enjoying the CW's DCverse and Gotham (though I'm behind), but everything else I can think of has been a total clunker. Good luck with that, guys.

It's disappointing that out of these twenty movies, exactly one is led by a woman and one by a non-white man. Even the team movies have only one woman on the team so far each. I am pleased by the addition of Captain Marvel, and given the choice between Black Widow and another female character (despite the fact that that shouldn't have to be a choice...), I am glad we got somebody else. Captain Marvel is a smart choice because they're obviously focusing on Cosmic in their run-up to Infinity War (the Thanos movies, I assume). It also fits in with their focus on the Kree specifically: the Inhumans, the Kree specimen in AOS and the possibilities that Skye is an Inhuman and the city they're looking for is Attilan.

Ragnarok: I don't know how to feel about this, quite. Thor 2 was originally intended to be Loki's redemption film and his death was originally going to stick - they changed it in the last months - and I still want some things to turn out to be a giant trick (which is not to say I want him to have been a good guy all along, because yuck). Presumably he will survive Ragnarok to meet Thanos? It would be a wasted opportunity if not.

Avengers 2: Some speculation that Bruce is going to get shot into space and the Hulk will save him? I don't know where I heard this or if it's reasonable, but it would be a nice way to initiate first contact between the Avengers and the Guardians. Every time I think about Bruce/Natasha I get this most ridiculous smile. I did not see one of my small ships happening but I'm so glad.

Civil War: How is this even going to work, ugh. The Inhumans won't be around to serve as mutant expies yet. Best theory I've heard floated around is that it's about Bucky. With the hint that the Winter Soldier assassinated Tony's parents, there could be a fight over whether he should be brought to justice, especially if all the files on the WS were leaked to the public somehow and it became An Issue of Public Safety. Still, not impressed with this choice yet.

Inhumans: !!!! What do you want to bet that the movie will end with the release of the Terrigen Mist all over the earth to save the city a la Infinity? I'm looking forward to it already. Moar delicious body horror in the MCU, please.

Doctor Strange: I never, ever once thought Cumberbatch would be seriously considered for the role. I had a few great belly-laughs at the people who suggested early on it should be him. Eating my hat now, I guess. After the shock wore off, I'm of two minds. On the one hand, lack of Oded Fehr (my favorite forever) and Cumberbatch's total inability to pull of that facial hair. (I got into an actual argument with a stranger on on FB about this. His argument boiled down to "but prosthetics!!!" Mine was "but just look at his face!!!") On the other hand, if there's an actor who can bring real gravitas to Stephen Strange, it's Cumberbatch. Strange's character could easily get lost in horrible camp, but Cumberbatch could make it the fun kind.

I would love to hear other thoughts!
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