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For Yuletide I got two great Longmire (the TV show) fics, both Cady/Henry get-togethers: Careful What You Ask For, You Don't Know Till You Try and Closing Arguments. I had a hankering for fic based on season three, given how much they were interacting, and was lucky enough to get twice the fun. Great Henry voices especially in both.

I wrote two fics myself, both of which I'm pretty proud of. For 13 Going on 30 I wrote So Ahead of Yourself, a sort-of sequel to the movie about Matt and Jenna's relationship, mostly fluffy romance with some teenaged angst and accidental five-times-ing. And I wrote a treat for Gotham, Sharpen Your Knife (terribly titled but it was posted at very nearly the literal last minute), Gordon/Mooney femdom smut that I couldn't get out of my head after seeing the prompt. Possibly thinking about another where Jim goes undercover at a BDSM club. Maybe.
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