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I've been working on this for about a week! It's half for myself, and half for anyone who might be interested. This is fairly comprehensive in that it's pretty much everything I've liked so far that I've found, but it's no guarantee that I've found everything worth reading. I welcome any recs you have, especially if they're from FFN, where I've only dared venture a few times, or Tumblr, where it's hard to find fic. (Chances are, if it's on AO3, I've read it.)

The well-known classics are here (okay, the one classic everyone knows and that I'm pretty sure is responsible for half the following this small ship does have), as well as some less famous works and a lot of WIPs. (Finish your WIPs! /hypocrite)

They're roughly sorted from longer to shorter, with commentary (including some criticism) following. There are 23 works here total.


The Hangman's Hands by Mercurie
Rating: M
Length: 161k
Author's Summary: Thor and Loki never make it back to Asgard. Now S.H.I.E.L.D. is stuck with the world's most hated war criminal on their hands and everyone wants a piece - unless they can find a way to get rid of him for good.

Comments: Lokane Hall of FameTM. Nothing more needs to be said. Nothing more could be said. Okay, but: I love "Bargaining" and "No Such Liberty," like probably to an unhealthy degree, but this story right here is the best stab anyone's yet taken at the reformation of Loki post-Avengers. This is because it does the smart thing and forces Loki to completely abandon his desire for approval from Asgard(ians) by way of making him do things too evil and awful for even Loki to bear (i.e., murder everyone in Asgard one by one horrifically slowly and tortuously, even though he's trying behind the scenes to save them). Plus, there's a running theme of Loki getting what he wanted, but in the worst possible way, the tragic irony of which is delicious. BASICALLY IT'S A THEMATIC GOLDMINE. Also, Jane is a delight throughout: stubborn, determined, and very human in a universe full of much larger and more powerful things.

World Under Siege by Ione
Rating: M
Length: 168k
Author's Summary: Avengers are losing the war. The world has begun to surrender to Loki and his army. After surviving on her own, Jane Foster finds herself under the control of the man who is trying to bring her world to its knees.

Comments: Lokane Hall of FameTM entry #2. Worth reading for the Jane & Wolverine bro-ship alone, but also otherwise amazing. Loki being a super creep! Mutants! There is a sequel, "The Branches of Yggdrasil," which is below on the WIP list. The first 21 chapters of WUS are posted on AO3, but for some reason the rest hasn't been, and neither has the sequel.

Ragnarok & Lokasenna by ragnarok12345
Rating: T
Length: 47k total
Author's Summary: Loki has taken Odin's throne, Thor has returned to Earth, and the All-Father is nowhere to be found. When an ancient evil threatens Asgard, will Loki allow the kingdom to be destroyed?

Comments: It's a shame these stories haven't gotten more attention ("Ragnarok" was posted to AO3 to almost total silence), because they're a lot of fun. A big part of it is probably the fact that it's written in script format; it took a bit to get used to, but now I like it. Good use of minor characters (Sif, Hogun, and Heimdall all get some treatment, though Hogun talks too much, and Amora appears in "Lokasenna"). First two "movies" in a trilogy, which hold up on their own; the third, "Yggdrasil," is listed below in WIPs.

Virtua by Artemis_Day
Rating: M
Length: 34k
Author's Summary: Psychologist Jane Foster can't imagine a stranger case than the one that's just been brought to her: an unknown man claiming to be the Norse God of Mischief, who seems to know more about her than he should. Unlocking the mysteries of his mind will throw Jane's entire world out of line, as she must question what is real, and what is just a dream.

Comments: Artemis_Day tends to write a lot of straightforward romances and a lot of non-canon AUs, so I'm not usually into their fics. This, however, is dark and delightful, and the ending is perfect: exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for from the first chapter.

Liminal Beings by tristesses
Rating: T
Length: 28k
Author's Summary: Jane Foster's job is finding holes in the universe and peering inside, so it really shouldn't be a surprise when something peers back. Now she has magical powers, the ability to walk between dimensions, and a devious Norse god intent on stealing her magic on her tail - but Loki has a few secrets of his own, and those secrets may land him and Jane in a lot more trouble than she ever wanted to deal with.

Comments: It's a shame tristesses has been having such writer's block problems, because I really love their fics, and they expressed interest in writing more Jane/Loki. (I would die, absolutely die, if there was explicit Lokane by tristesses; I'm pretty sure whatever it was would automatically become my favorite). We can only hope. Anyway, this is quite a bit of fun and adventure with a bit of inspiration from the comics and more focus on "trickster" Loki than "lost soul" Loki, which is a nice change of pace.

On Each Other's Teams by audreyii_fic
Rating: E
Length: 27k
Author's Summary: Jane Foster, college student on a semester abroad in London, fights her way through Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, dates a golden boy, and gets tutored by a compulsive liar. Which situation is most unsustainable is a matter of opinion.

Comments: Mundane/college AU that does a great job with Loki's self-destruction and a love triangle premise. Emphatically not fluff; it's basically a giant interpersonal, emotional trainwreck (but it does not end in fire and blood). Probably the only fic where Loki cries and I didn't hate it.

Upon Your Sleeve by downjune
Rating: M
Length: 24k
Author's Summary: The Bifrost’s atmospheric disturbance lasted only a few moments longer, but the wind still sent whorls of sand drifting across his back as it settled. Finally straightening and pushing himself to his feet, Loki scowled his displeasure at the sand that had managed to insinuate itself beneath his clothes. He could only brush the worst of it off by hand when his magic failed to answer his call. Squinting into the sun, Loki ruthlessly ignored his thirst as he set off for Puente Antiguo. He needed to get his face on a camera. He needed to find his brother.

Comments: This is actually Jane/Loki/Thor, with significant Loki/Thor content, FYI. But there's also enough Jane/Loki to make it worth putting it on the list - plus, I just like it. Post-TDW, Jane's been experiencing Aether side-effects, and Loki helps her figure it out. Unusual(ly good) in that these side-effects are very nearly xeno in nature. It's listed as part of a larger series that hasn't been written yet, but I think it stands well on its own.

To Catch a Thief by milksteak
Rating: E
Length: 10k
Author's Summary: The Odinsons have recently moved to Jane's town; incidentally, around the same time that a thief has taken to stealing the neighborhood valuables.

Comments: Mundane Victorian AU with a gentleman thief and delightful narrative voice. A nice bit of fun and the smut is hot. Plus, identity shenanigans and blindfolds!

Cast a Shadow & O'er His Hall by audreyii_fic
Rating: E
Length: 6k
Author's Summary: Jane loves Thor; Loki loves power. Pity winning the latter requires seducing the former.

Comments: Dirtybadwrong identity shenanigans that deals with the Aether's aftereffects on Jane post-TDW.

Ransomed by startraveller776
Rating: T
Length: 5.5k
Author's Summary: Erik told her to hide. Jane wishes she had listened.

Comments: Historical AU, but not mundane - basically if Jane and Erik has lived a thousand years earlier, in medieval times. Jane bargains for Erik's life. Delicious.

Blood for Blood by startraveller776
Rating: T
Length: 4.3k
Author's Summary: He missed his chance by a heartbeat—the difference between life and death. Now, the mantle of savior rests on Loki’s shoulders. Will the mercurial God of Mayhem rise to the challenge of rescuing the nine realms from eternal darkness?

Comments: AU from during TDW. Excellent setup for more to happen, but unfortunately just a one-shot. Still well worth reading - another fic that does more interesting things with the Aether than the movie.

Ghosts by below_the_starry_clusters_bright
Rating: T
Length: 4.7k
Author's Summary: Jane Foster, furious and breathing heavily, declares her vengeance on behalf of New York. Loki doubts Midgard was consulted in this choice of representation.

Comments: This hardly even belongs in the Jane/Loki category - it's basically gen. Nevertheless, it's a good look inside Loki's head during TDW and what he thinks of Jane and Thor. Excellent Loki voice narrating throughout.

Untitled by audreyii_fic
Rating: E
Length: 3.6k
Author's Summary: None.

Comments: My summary is, "Post-TDW, Loki starts following Jane around - but she's the only one who can see him. Jane can't get him out of her head." Dark, porny, deeply satisfying.

Hellfire by ideophobic
Rating: T?
Length: 2-3k?
Author's Summary: None.

Comments: I like some of ideophobic's ficlets, which are collected in this one work. This one is a historical-ish fantasy-ish AU where Thor is a too-proud king, Loki is a dragon, and Jane is a virgin sacrifice (or supposed to be). It's hilarious and fun and I wish there was more of it. There's also a ficlet series here called "Skinny Dipping" that tickles me.


Beneath by ninepen
Rating: T
Length: 872k (not a typo)
Author's Summary: Loki sits in a prison cell and waits to hear his fate. If luck turns his way, that fate could provide him with another opportunity to finally earn the respect, admiration, and power he covets. He doesn't dare dream he could return to Midgard. There he's met a number of people of interest…but there is only one he's vowed to visit. If Loki falls again, does another abyss await him?

Comments: Look, it's almost A MILLION FUCKING WORDS about Jane and Loki attempting to work together. You already know if you want to read it! Okay, here are more thoughts. It very nearly doesn't deserve the Jane/Loki label; the first 850k are almost all pure gen, and only in chapter 116 (!) are there even two paragraphs about how there might, maybe, if we're lucky, be the hint of any kind of feelings on Loki's part. (There are a couple of squint-and-you miss them moments of attraction earlier. Like 600k in!) The author is super dodgy about whether Jane/Loki or Jane/Thor is "endgame," or whether there will even be substantial Jane/Loki content at all. But I include it because anyone who enjoys Jane/Loki will probably enjoy their dynamic here: a lot of mistrust and sniping and reluctantly working together while kind of a little bit using each other. There are drawbacks: it's extraordinarily slow-paced (all those 872,000 words take place over a few months), and there is a LOT of fluff that could be culled. You will learn more about living in a research station at the South Pole than you ever wanted to. On the plus side, there is decent writing, Loki's background with Balder, excellent Thor-politicking chapters, realm-hopping, great original characters to fill out the world-building, and a motherfucking TIME MACHINE. FUCK YEAH. The author also has the amazingness to update very regularly: it's about 7-10 days a chapter, I think, and the chapters are 5-10k apiece.

The Writing on the Wall by stalrua
Rating: M
Length: 177k
Author's Summary: Eating the apple Loki gave her seemed like a harmless act; at least, until Jane realized the consequences. Can a mortal come to terms with immortality as she lives through the ages? And is an eternity long enough for a god to escape what has been foretold within the pages of an ancient book? There's a fine line between mischievousness and fate.

Comments: When (if) this finishes, it will be hall-of-fame stuff of the caliber of THH and WUS. Only even longer, yay! I'm a little nervous that around 150k, the author announced they had finished the first of three arcs. Hahaha. I hope you finish this, author. The vast majority of the fic so far has been historical/pre-canon, with wonderfully realized settings, but the last few chapters have brought us to the present and moved to Jotunheim.

Icarus by trinity_destler
Rating: T
Length: 67k
Author's Summary: When Loki let go of the spear, he fell- literally and figuratively- to Earth. Meanwhile, months after Thor vanished into the sky, Jane Foster is still trying to get off the ground.

Comments: Post-Thor, not taking into account anything from Avengers. One of the very first Jane/Loki fics I ever read, I think. It's limited to Jane's POV for most of the fic, but it's both her story and his. There are a couple of chapters of flashbacks - one with Sif and one with Thor - and they are both excellent and well worth reading on their own, and Loki's prologue and interlude are written in an amazing Loki voice. The latest chapter, 20, is absolutely heart-wrenching. Updates are slow - every few months.

Long Lost by below_the_starry_clusters_bright
Rating: T
Length: 66k
Author's Summary: The woman who will become Jane Foster draws the attention of the princes of Asgard. Trapped in a cycle of reincarnation, her lifetimes are defined by competition, jealousy and devotion, until Thor falls to Midgard, Loki falls from grace, and each brother is in desperate need of an anchor.

Comments: Although I enjoyed Jane's backstory with both brothers (and I did enjoy that it was with them both, unlike TWOTW above), the sections post-Avengers are the really thrilling part; Loki is perfectly written, none of his sharper edges glossed over in favor of romance or his feelings for Jane.

Apotheosis by solain_rhyo
Rating: M
Length: 65k
Author's Summary: Jane's life started to end after the fall of Malekith. She's learned the hard way that even loving a god can't keep you safe from all evils. To salvage the remnants of both her life and her sanity, she's gone into hiding. She knew her dealings with Asgard were far from over, but she never expected to have to contend with Loki again.

Comments: Unfortunately, this looks to be abandoned, which is a shame because there's a lot of good stuff here, especially in the first few chapters. Post-TDW, Thor discovers Loki pretending to be Odin, turns him into a mortal, and sends him to Jane, who's bitter and living in the wilderness. Later in the fic, I think problems develop when the story can't decide whether it wants to be a dark romance or a more straightforward one; it flips back and forth, although I think it lands on the former where it does end.

The Branches of Yggdrasil by Ione
Rating: M
Length: 44k
Author's Summary: Thirteen months after the abrupt end to the Skrull invasion, strange things are happening in all the Realms. As the Convergence draws near, they threaten to unleash chaos on every planet. One person can help, but can Jane convince Loki to put aside his fury and resentment to help her save the Universe?

Comments: The sequel to "World Under Siege" (above). Updates have been slow, unfortunately, but it doesn't look abandoned yet. Loki is grade-A crazy in this fic; it's delightful. I also think this fic is something of a "rewrite" of The Dark World in the sense that the author's basic attitude toward the subject matter - Aether, Dark Elves, etc - being touched on here is less a canon divergence and something more like like "how could I make all of these things more interesting than they were," which I am all on board with. For example, Jane's possession by the Aether is much more interesting.

Seal Our Fate by CMBaggs
Rating: M
Length: 28k
Author's Summary: Satisfaction eludes the new King of Asgard, until Loki awakens to inexplicably find himself back on the day of Thor's ill-fated coronation. Time Travel, sort of.

Comments: SUCH PROMISE. After taking over Asgard in TDW, Loki mysteriously wakes up on the day of Thor's coronation. Things start changing in the timeline outside of his intentions. The writing is really good. Of course, it hasn't been updated in seven months, just my luck.

Kingslayer by audreyii_fic
Rating: M
Length: 7k
Author's Summary: Within the royal house of Asgard lives the heir Thor Odinson, the ward Loki No-one's-son, and the mortal Jane Fosterdóttir -- and love is rarely an antidote for lies.

Comments: Growing-up-together-in-Asgard AU (just don't think about the timeline problems) which has steadily grown darker. Also appears to be abandoned.

Yggdrasil by ragnarok12345
Rating: T
Length: 1.5k
Author's Summary: Hela sets events into motion that could destroy all the Nine Realms. Can our heroes overcome their feuds and defeat her plans?

Comments: Only two scenes in so far, so not much to recommend, but this is the third "movie" after "Ragnarok" and "Lokasenna," above.
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