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My likes and dislikes have changed over the past couple of years, so older letters might not be so helpful. Chances are if you really enjoy writing it, I'll really enjoy reading it. So some very general guidelines and suggestions:

  • Even though this is a shipping exchange, I don't necessarily expect a happily ever after. Happy-for-now, ambiguous, open, and sad endings are welcome too.
  • Any ratings are welcome for any ship, but I've identified some specific ships where I'd be good with strictly PWP. Otherwise, something outside/in addition to the sex is preferred.
  • I've separated out "fic" and "art" requests for convenience's sake, but feel free to use whatever prompt for whatever medium.
  • All kinds of canon divergence AUs are always welcome for any ship, but if I want an alternate-setting/all-human AU I'll usually request something specific and would not prefer it for any other ship/scenario.
  • My one squick: sexual appearances by non-sexual bodily fluids (urine, vomit, etc). Non-sexual appearances (throwing up in a sickfic, frex) are fine.
  • In relationships, I prefer "showing" over "telling" when it comes to love - i.e., showing what one character will do for another. "I love you" doesn't do much for me as a reader, basically. Think the five love languages. OTOH, I'm also cool with characters drawing lines about what they will/will not do for someone else even though they DO love them. I don't think "unconditional love" equals "unconditional action on the beloved's behalf," if that makes sense. I love when morality conflicts with desire, especially when it comes to villain/hero and similar pairings.
  • The art prompts are more concise, but that doesn't mean I want art any less! I think it's just that describing scenes for art seems more straightforward than describing ideas for writing.

The themes of this letter are time loops, road trips, skinny dipping, and the post-apocalypse. If you managed to combine all of these into one work, you would have my undying love.

Covert Affairs: Annie/Eyal )

MCU: Bucky/Jane, Jane/Loki/Tony, Jane/Loki/Thor )

Supergirl (TV 2015): Kara/Jimmy )

Veronica Mars: Leo/Veronica, Weevil/Veronica )
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Sad: Edge of Spider-Verse was rejected for Yuletide. :( It's understandable - if a bunch of people had been interested and nominated characters from all the different issues (not that that was very likely...), what a matching nightmare - but still sad.

Happy: Spider-Gwen is apparently getting her own series! I did not expect this at all, because she called herself Spider-Woman, and we already have one of those, in a new, upcoming ongoing no less. What are they going to call it??? But next year Spider-Gwen is a go, assuming I actually like the comic.

Sad: Covert Affairs was not eligible, so I could not fulfill my endless (truly endless) Annie/Eyal desires, either through reading or writing. Will have to wait for NPT next year, and various rare pairing exchanges. Assuming someone else out there in the fannish universe wants to write them... please write them for me

Happy: Fraction/Aja Hawkeye is ending, but Hawkeyes will be picked up in a new series featuring both Clint and Kate next year. Yes, please!

Still slightly bitter over the change in Kate's characterization w/r/t her family's wealth from the original YA (you had ONE JOB, Fraction, ONE JOB), so here's hoping.

Sad: I can only make six requests for Yuletide.

Happy: I have almost my entire letter written! It is very... enthusiastic. Hope I don't annoy you, dear writer.
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