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I don't want anyone in my ships to die/be dead. I'd prefer no PWP. If you write a ficlet that's more suggestive/pre-ship/UST than explicit about the relationship, that's A-OK with me.

Art treats are welcome, if you're an artist!

Supergirl (TV)
Kara Danvers/Jimmy Olsen

These two are so adorable, and I would love to see more of that. I love their dynamic on the show (so cute and fluffy!) and would like something similar-ish in tone (more serious/dramatic is good, but I don't want anything very dark). Some prompts:

  • Having to go undercover as a couple for Reasons, and the UST that causes
  • They get stuck in a time loop together, and end up falling in love ♥___♥
  • Anything hurt/comfort, for either of them - Kara has to patch Jimmy up, Jimmy tending Kara after kryptonite exposure/injury, etc
  • One of them gets amnesia! Angsty or fluffy, or both!

Agents of SHIELD
Will Daniels/Jemma Simmons

;_______; I really loved their dynamic in "4,722 Hours," especially the voice of hope/voice of doom thing. Will's dry commentary and sense of humor very welcome. I would love to see:

  • Moments from their time together on the alien planet - I would love anything domesticky/survivalist especially (stranded on an alien planet curtainfic! Will teaching Jemma to cook with alien food! hurt/comfort!)
  • A canon AU where Will doesn't die and was rescued - maybe his and Jemma's reunion, getting to go on an Earth date for the first time, Jemma showing him what's changed, either/both of them having trouble adjusting to life back on Earth

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Jane Foster/Loki

I really dig the way Thor is always between them and how fraught that makes their relationship. It's hard enough to stick these two together in a longfic, so I don't expect anything more than UST in a 300-word ficlet! Honestly, I love snippets/ficlets that are suggestive of a larger untold story. A couple of things I'm not into for this ship: fluff, true love/soulmates, redemption through romantic love, Loki as some kind of master seductor/sex god (he strikes me as reserved and wary of intimacy). A couple of prompts:

  • Jane and Loki stuck in a time loop together! You're welcome to just do a snippet/one iteration of the loop/something similar to keep it short
  • Anything having to do with Jane rescuing Loki from the snake for whatever reason (hurt/comfort), or any twist on the myths you are inspired by
  • For that matter, anything that forces Loki to take care of/tend Jane (Aether aftereffects?)
  • Somehow they get stuck together! Magical handcuffs, accidental magical soulbonding (can they sense each other's emotions/thoughts??? ♥___♥), Thor in danger, anything that forces them to (grudgingly) work together/take care of each other
  • You can kill off Thor to bring them together
  • Pretty much any canon AU is going to be fine with me
  • Reincarnation/another lifetime - different ways they come together?
  • Idunn's apples (she turns it down. ANGST)
  • Amnesia, y'all. amnesia
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My likes and dislikes have changed over the past couple of years, so older letters might not be so helpful. Chances are if you really enjoy writing it, I'll really enjoy reading it. So some very general guidelines and suggestions:

  • Even though this is a shipping exchange, I don't necessarily expect a happily ever after. Happy-for-now, ambiguous, open, and sad endings are welcome too.
  • Any ratings are welcome for any ship, but I've identified some specific ships where I'd be good with strictly PWP. Otherwise, something outside/in addition to the sex is preferred.
  • I've separated out "fic" and "art" requests for convenience's sake, but feel free to use whatever prompt for whatever medium.
  • All kinds of canon divergence AUs are always welcome for any ship, but if I want an alternate-setting/all-human AU I'll usually request something specific and would not prefer it for any other ship/scenario.
  • My one squick: sexual appearances by non-sexual bodily fluids (urine, vomit, etc). Non-sexual appearances (throwing up in a sickfic, frex) are fine.
  • In relationships, I prefer "showing" over "telling" when it comes to love - i.e., showing what one character will do for another. "I love you" doesn't do much for me as a reader, basically. Think the five love languages. OTOH, I'm also cool with characters drawing lines about what they will/will not do for someone else even though they DO love them. I don't think "unconditional love" equals "unconditional action on the beloved's behalf," if that makes sense. I love when morality conflicts with desire, especially when it comes to villain/hero and similar pairings.
  • The art prompts are more concise, but that doesn't mean I want art any less! I think it's just that describing scenes for art seems more straightforward than describing ideas for writing.

The themes of this letter are time loops, road trips, skinny dipping, and the post-apocalypse. If you managed to combine all of these into one work, you would have my undying love.

Covert Affairs: Annie/Eyal )

MCU: Bucky/Jane, Jane/Loki/Tony, Jane/Loki/Thor )

Supergirl (TV 2015): Kara/Jimmy )

Veronica Mars: Leo/Veronica, Weevil/Veronica )
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I've been working on this for about a week! It's half for myself, and half for anyone who might be interested. This is fairly comprehensive in that it's pretty much everything I've liked so far that I've found, but it's no guarantee that I've found everything worth reading. I welcome any recs you have, especially if they're from FFN, where I've only dared venture a few times, or Tumblr, where it's hard to find fic. (Chances are, if it's on AO3, I've read it.)

The well-known classics are here (okay, the one classic everyone knows and that I'm pretty sure is responsible for half the following this small ship does have), as well as some less famous works and a lot of WIPs. (Finish your WIPs! /hypocrite)

They're roughly sorted from longer to shorter, with commentary (including some criticism) following. There are 23 works here total.

finished fics )

WIPs )
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With a few more details and thoughts.

For Mischief & Mistletoe I wrote Summit, a 10k AU where Loki fell to Earth and Sif followed him. There are a lot of things I like about this story - some particular scenes - but the idea probably needed 5-10k more for the premise to be executed really successfully. I toyed with the idea of Loki slipping away on the last night or Sif letting him go at the end (and then gearing up to follow him again), and that might have been more interesting. Not sure how much the beginning scenes really belong (I almost started at the foot of the mountain), but ultimately I left them because one of the recipient's requests was more Jane or Heimdall.

My gift, syn aisthesis, was a lovely domestic fic featuring Loki as an artist. Nice working in of little details of the relationship dynamic, which I love.

The other two stories I'd rec (with the caveat that I haven't read everything in the collection):

The lovely and sad Where You Can't Return, which is about Frigga and Sif and Loki, with some post-The Dark World parts and some pre-canon. I had guessed correctly that it was written by Barkour. I've read so much of her fic - including fandoms I'm not even in or are barely familiar with on the strength of her writing, which is not typical for me - I practically consider myself a connoisseur of her style. She seems to have mostly moved on from Loki/Sif and the MCU more generally, which is sad but fine. I hope she writes more plotty stories for The Flash; I really liked her Barry/Iris snippets.

The other is Armistice, which is ... hard to summarize, but one of the best things I've read recently. A summary of what happens in the fic could be "Futurefic in which Sif and Loki meet in a tavern while she's hunting him down," but that is really not a great description of what the story is actually about or like. Great outsider POV and scene-setting and very funny. It's short, so check it out. It was written by my recipient, damalur, who was a pretty intimidating recipient to receive since I love her writing a LOT. It's no surprise I loved this too. Armistice in particular is not very ... fanficcish, if you know what I mean? I don't mean that in a bad way (or a particularly good way, even). But there can sometimes be a certain "feel" to fanfiction because the relative insularity of the community - everyone reading and writing each other's stuff - produces a certain set of tropes and stylistic conventions like any other type of writing. A lot of the elements of "Armistice" - the third-omni POV (utterly rare in fic and getting rarer in pro writing), the setting influenced by both fantasy and scifi writing more than the canon itself, the particular brand of humor and dialogue - seem more influenced by pro genre writing than fic writing. It was a breath of fresh air. It also rewards re-read.
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Because who doesn't love a bit of self-indulgent navel-gazing?

While the personal and scholarly sides of my life were not great, the fannish side was pretty rad, all things considered. I've gone in and out of fandom for the last 15 years or so, and picked up again at the end of 2013 after a couple years' absence. This probably coincides with stumbling across FFA, which is my only real multifandom space and makes the whole endeavor feel very alive and active in a way it hadn't for me in a while.

I made a commitment to write at least 100,000 words this year. I wanted to keep the overall total low, because in the past I've had a nasty habit of setting very high goals that I always fail. 272 words per day, on the other hand, sounded pretty doable. And even though I was significantly behind on this goal for almost six months, I caught up in the second half and ended up writing 142,000 words total, over 100k of which was posted. My goal for 2015 is 150k, which seems pretty doable in light of that. I signed up for [community profile] inkingitout, but honestly, the tool that helped me the most was Svenja Gosen's wordcount tracking spreadsheets - just today she put up the sheets for 2015, with a bunch of different themes. They are a superb tool; the spreadsheet not only tracks your daily output but tells you how far you're behind or ahead, how much you have left to do for the month/year, and doesn't worry if you miss a day or a week or a month. Since I tend to sit down and write a couple thousand words at a stretch once or twice a week, I much preferred this over having a daily wordcount goal. There's just no way I'm going to sit down and write every day, and I prefer not to feel guilty about it. She also makes some specially for NaNoWriMo, if you do that.

Other fannish highlights of 2014:

I received some pretty amazing exchange gifts this year, all told. Not a dud among them. (Like I would say if there were, but still. You can trust me.) The average quality of what I got was, I think, significantly higher than the average of what I put out. I don't have the time or space to rec them all, even though they deserve it, but here are four that I think didn't get enough appreciation or attention even though they were balls-to-the-walls amazing:

BSG 2003, Journey into Mystery, MCU, Monstar )

In other news.

Not counting the unfinished HP Year Five fic I posted on FFN twelve years ago (because who does, really?), I wrote my very first fic longer than about 4k this year. I worked my way up from there.

Closely related, I finished my first big bang, [ profile] marvel_bang. I've signed up for at least a dozen over the last several years and never managed it. The resulting fic, So Bound with Ice, clocked in at 32k, which is definitely the most I've managed to write ever. I'm not 100% happy with the story, for a few reasons - mostly I had no idea what I was doing with respect to plot; it's just a bunch of scenes strung together - but it's readable and, most importantly, I finished the goddamn thing. (It was a close thing, though: in the last week there were a couple of days where I had to sit down and write 6k in a session to crank it out). I'm not so much proud of the fic as I am of myself. I'm going to give it a re-read next summer and see what I would do to revise it, just for the exercise of doing so with some distance.

Although I'm proud of that story for having finished it, the story I'm most proud of actually writing is A Temporary Arrangement, a post-TWS Bruce/Natasha story that I thought did a good job with the character voices. I also really like the Mischief & Mistletoe fic I wrote, but I can't tell you about that yet!

I also completed art for someone else's big bang, but I'm not linking to that because of its aggressive mediocrity. I will sit back and appreciate more talented people's work next year.

I ran or co-ran four exchanges, which went off more or less without major hitches, and all of which I'll run again in 2015.

I signed up for 13 exchanges, only defaulting on one (which I ended up picking up a pinch hit for anyway). Pressure is 90% of what gets me to write, but I'm not doing that again, and definitely not more than one at once. There are just a couple of fics I'm not super happy with having written, one because it didn't live up to its potential because I was a bit burned out, and the other because I didn't have a good grasp on one of the main characters (the recip requested two and their only prompt was for them together, when I had only offered one).

And finally, last but greatest, I made some delightful friends. YOU'RE ALL GREAT. I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR.

Altogether, I think, a success.
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Quite late to this, but I've taken some time to think and process.

First: Wow, ten movies already, and now ten more. Holy shit. It's grown to the point that even if the MCU has one, two, even three failed movies that it would not put a dent in being a gargantuan cultural and financial powerhouse. Maybe if the three failed movies were all from the original franchise lines (Cap, Thor, Avengers team) and all in a row. Maybe. But no one's going to care if Ant-Man tanks. (Personally, I'm looking forward to it, but that may just be because the twin pulls of Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are strong. And, I admit, I'm going in with seriously low expectations. I'd rather be surprised.)

Also, LOL @ DC trying to pull off something similar. I'm enjoying the CW's DCverse and Gotham (though I'm behind), but everything else I can think of has been a total clunker. Good luck with that, guys.

spoilers & speculation for upcoming movies )

I would love to hear other thoughts!
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A couple of fics exploring the what-ifs of Iron Man that I've enjoyed recently (both older, so not news):

some delicious canon divergence under here )
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