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I borrowed the structure of this post from roane72's Get Your Words Out accountability post.


Goal for year: 150,000

Minimum goal for January: 12,740
Words written in January: 8,937
Shortage/surplus: -3,803

Minimum goal for YTD: 12,740
My total for year so far: 8,937
Shortage/surplus: -3,803


Stories worked on:
  • Secret original paranormal romance project (B3)
  • Heroine Big Bang
  • Jane/Loki f/f+fisting
  • that Reylo story I haven't quite figured out yet
  • A couple of short birthday treats

Stories finished:
  • Secret original paranormal romance project (B3)
  • A couple of short birthday treats

Goals for February:
  • Finish next secret original paranormal romance project (L2) (it's half-written already, but the first half needs retooling)
  • Finish Jane/Loki f/f & post in honor of defunct Porn Battle :(
  • Finish Chocolate Box assignment & treats
  • Progress on Heroine Big Bang (10k?)
  • Figure out Reylo story
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So despite having very little work and income this summer (boo), I'm managing to stay busy.

I finished a draft of an original paranormal romance novella/novelette (it's about 20k) and it was OK'd by someone who is much more in the know than me about these things - no major content changes suggested at all. As you can imagine, the standards aren't super high for stories like these, but that was exciting to hear nonetheless. Now I just have to finish formatting it and put it out there, which will happen early July, hopefully. The next Amazon "pay day" won't be until the end of September, and Amazon is changing its KU payouts in ways that make estimating potential income difficult, but so far comparable books (according to people in the know) can make a couple grand per month or more for the first couple of months. Hellooooooo new career.

I found orig romance a lot easier to write in terms of how quickly things came and how much I obsessed over editing. I think fanfic is, funnily enough, more meaningful to me because I really, really care about the characters to an embarrassing degree and I want everything to feel right and consistent and meaningful in terms of their characterizations and arcs (Loki, I'm looking at you). Whereas the self-pub rom market does not require that level of thought, so I could have a character say or think something super cheesy or clunky and not worry about it so much. It was SO HARD the first couple of times I tried, but it grew to be quite fun.

Meanwhile I've been trying to get into transcription (THIS IS SO HARD, I've failed the entry test four times already, and I spent money on specialized equipment for this!!!) and propositioning people on Elance for editing work. For the latter, I suppose I'm going to have to grit my teeth and lowball services significantly until I can get some jobs on my profile.

Because of financial thinness, it will be the summer of cooking cheaply; i.e., lots of nonperishables and little fresh food. It won't be quite as bad as that summer in college where I subsisted entirely on a case of ramen, frozen chicken breasts, and frozen broccoli, but it does mean a lot of hot food during a hot summer. I have plenty of beans and rice, but the next chance I get I'm going to stock up on canned tomatoes, evaporated milk (first time for everything), tons of eggs (they last forever, seriously), cheese (can be frozen if in blocks!), and peanut butter. Yeah, baby. I've spent a few years building a well-stocked pantry, which is going to come in handy.

I went to a friend's birthday on Saturday. I used to think of myself as such an introvert (insert cutesy graphic on ~how to care for your introvert~) but the older I get the more it's really turning the other way. PEOPLE. People are great. I need more people. She's moved in with someone who has an actual yard with a very overgrown and unproductive garden (seriously, the owner has let all kinds of grass and weeds choke out everything - she said "I don't like space going unused and I don't like bare dirt" to describe this situation and y'all, I nearly had a conniption fit. it's gonna be a process).

They're letting me come by and weed and caretake and giving me one of the four plots to use for myself in exchange. I've been really occupied by orcharding for the past year or two, but it will be nice to get back to my roots. (ha.) I went out Sunday and spent 90 minutes weeding like crazy (got about six square feet done - not bad really, considering how densely thicketed everything was, but a fraction of the total work to be done) and planted some cucumber seeds. Got a wicked sunburn in exchange, because I'm the kind of person who doesn't think about sunscreen, ever. Hopefully the seeds will have come up by the time I return - maybe tomorrow.
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The semester has ended. Grades have been turned in. Only two change-of-grade forms to fill out, and no disputations so far as I know.

Still behind on my doctoral exam reading. My chair probably thinks I hate him/I've disappeared off the face of the earth because I haven't finished revising the exam list since he asked me in March to add a bunch of stuff. (Which: :/ thanks a lot, dude.) Of course, the final version doesn't need to be turned in until, well, the day before exams, so I'm not in trouble. And I know other students have used the summer rather than take two full semesters to read and done well, so it's not unsalvageable. On the plus side, should I actually stick around for a dissertation, I f.i.n.a.l.l.y. got a workable and not super difficult idea for one.

Speaking of leaving, I only re-upped my apartment lease for another six months, through December, on the assumption that I'm going to put my body where my mouth is and actually get a job teaching English overseas. I could use a free apartment and a few million won per month. The #1 thing holding me back at this point is that in the last year I've taken up hobby orcharding, and I won't be around to see the (literal) fruits of my labor at my dad's house. Plus, somehow I doubt there are that many gardening opportunities in S. Korea.

My parents divorced last year. It sucked. But they're both seeing other people now and that is starting to feel more normal.

I'm not reading so much fic lately. A comment on FFA about how fanfic spends so much more time on facial expressions and body language than profic got me thinking about my favorite stories and how they are written. Sure enough, the best examples of writing I like don't do that. It's made me stop and reflect on my own writing a lot - I'm culling much more severely than I used to and thinking more carefully about the details I include. On the plus side, I really like what I have managed to turn out; it's a lot tighter and actually has some subtlety. On the minus side, it is hard to undo habits and it makes for a much slower writing process.

What I have been reading lately is mostly Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond books. I'm about 100 pages into the first. I don't really read historical fiction and honestly have little interest in it, but the prose is exquisite.
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