subjunctive: (hawkeyes)
2014-10-12 11:23 pm

Recent sads/happies, including Yuletide

Sad: Edge of Spider-Verse was rejected for Yuletide. :( It's understandable - if a bunch of people had been interested and nominated characters from all the different issues (not that that was very likely...), what a matching nightmare - but still sad.

Happy: Spider-Gwen is apparently getting her own series! I did not expect this at all, because she called herself Spider-Woman, and we already have one of those, in a new, upcoming ongoing no less. What are they going to call it??? But next year Spider-Gwen is a go, assuming I actually like the comic.

Sad: Covert Affairs was not eligible, so I could not fulfill my endless (truly endless) Annie/Eyal desires, either through reading or writing. Will have to wait for NPT next year, and various rare pairing exchanges. Assuming someone else out there in the fannish universe wants to write them... please write them for me

Happy: Fraction/Aja Hawkeye is ending, but Hawkeyes will be picked up in a new series featuring both Clint and Kate next year. Yes, please!

Still slightly bitter over the change in Kate's characterization w/r/t her family's wealth from the original YA (you had ONE JOB, Fraction, ONE JOB), so here's hoping.

Sad: I can only make six requests for Yuletide.

Happy: I have almost my entire letter written! It is very... enthusiastic. Hope I don't annoy you, dear writer.