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Marvel Cinematic Universe

For this ship, I'm really into the enemies-to-lovers/mistrust-to-trust dynamic. Since this is a Smut Swap and not an Epic Redemption Story Swap, feel free to set a story in some kind of canon AU (Loki banished instead of or with Thor, Thor fell instead of Loki, anything), future that assumes Loki's reformation, or similar scenario. But I don't want mundane AUs.

'Thank God We're Alive' Sex
Accidental Soul Bonding (Made Them Do It) - Some kind of magical accident, maybe. They can't be too far apart and can feel what the other feels or something similar would be great.
Bodyswap - Just what it says on the tin.
Deception/Impersonation - with Loki impersonating Thor.
Dream Sex - Interconnected dreaming!
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
Enemies to Lovers - I love this transition however you manage it.
Dubious Consent - See many, many prompts on the rest of the list. :p
Face Slapping - I think we all know Loki liked it. Does he think about it later?
Fantasizing - Loki having creepy fantasies about Jane is A+.
Fuck Or Die
Love Potion/Spell - Either one or both of them. Emphasis on the unrealness of the feelings but inability to stop is a plus.
Mind Control - in a Loki Wins scenario. Of course, it's ultimately unsatisfying, just as rulership is.
Non-Consensual Voyeurism - Loki watching Jane alone, or watching Jane with Thor. Sublimated semi-incestuous feelings (she's not good enough for him, etc) a bonus but not required.
Ritual Sex - Some kind of magical ritual, maybe?
Something Made Them Do It
Substitution - I hope this means something like "having sex with a proxy who looks like the person you want," because that's what I mean.

Bets & Wagers
Berserker Character - It takes some effort to get Thor and/or Loki down from the berserker state (or perhaps Jane if she's stuck with the Aether but has managed to figure out how to live with it).
Double Penetration
Double Vaginal Penetration
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
Fertility Festival - Sounds like something that happens on Asgard/Vanaheim/in the other realms.
Group Soulbonds
Lazy/Gentle Sex
Multiple Sex Positions
Ritual Sex
Sex for Warmth
sex in water
Voyeurism - Any one watching the other two.

Legends of Tomorrow
I loved their dynamic in episode four, "White Knights" - all the sparring leading to sex!

'Thank God We're Alive' Sex
Bath Houses - They go way back in history?
Berserker Character - Could apply to either of them - one has to bring the other down.
Body Paint
Developing Relationship
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
Fight Sex
Rain Sex
Scar Exploration
Sex for Warmth
Sharing a Bed
Something Made Them Do It
Trying to Stay Quiet
Undercover as a Couple
Writing on the Body

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Kylo Ren/Rey
I'm all about the hate sex for these two.

'Thank God We're Alive' Sex
Alternate Universe - Canonical Male Character is Always a Girl
Accidental Soul Bonding (Made Them Do It)
Consensual Mind Control
Dream Sex
Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen
Enemies to Lovers
Fight Sex
First Time Topping
Rain Sex
Sex for Warmth
Sex With Prisoner
Something Made Them Do It
Telepathic Sex
Trust Kink
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