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General Likes: hurt/comfort, canon AUs, time loops, relationship tropes (played straight or subverted), 5 times/things

DNWs: pure smut, pure fluff, pure darkness, noncon/rape

Aaron Gault

Prompt: I'd love to read something set after the finale--survivalist stuff, not deathfic please, although something depressing or him slowly going insane would be fine--or other people finally joining him, wherever they are, after they've honed Christa's power. (Or are other people there already? Have there been previous accidents involving Christa's power?) Or bring him home somehow, and maybe have him confront the reality of the Ascension project and how the world has changed while he thought he was in space.

Notes: That finale messed me up, man. What??? It just ends there??? I don't want to read about Aaron dying or, like, eating himself, but otherwise I'd be happy with something depressing about being all alone in space and trying to get home (a la Agents of SHIELD's "4400 Hours," which I really enjoyed), or something hopeful and not depressing. I'd also love to read about his relationship with other members of the crew. I don't necessarily ship him with Emily, but reflections on their relationship would be great, or more about how his race complicates his position and presentation of himself on the ship (including, if you like, what it was like for him as a child and how he experienced it then). I was also really intrigued by his relationship with the librarian, Ophelia, and I'd love to hear more about their places in each other's lives. In terms of the show itself, I really like the retrofuturist aesthetic and would love to hear more about "worldbuilding" stuff like how the 1950s American culture/values evolved on the ship, if those are things you want to explore/include.

Cuckoo Song - Frances Hardinge
Trista, Violet Parish

Prompt: I'd love to see their post-canon adventures, either gen or femslash. Motorcycle road trip? Trista making new not-Triss memories? Violet being willing to fall in love again even though it's risky?

Notes: I'm sorry this section of my letter wasn't complete--I was expecting matching to take days, not minutes! I intended to reread the book because it's a little fuzzy for me at this point. Suffice it to say, I'd also love worldbuilding and setting-based fic, either of the fantastical elements or postwar Britain or both. Horror elements like the ones in canon are more than welcome, so long as there's a happyish ending.

Man Seeking Woman
Josh Greenberg, Liz Greenberg, Mike Scaggs

Prompt: Most of all, I really want something that captures the surrealist and absurdist humor aspects of the show. Pick a relationship circumstance/difficulty, take it to the strangest, most absurd place you can think of, and then pretend that weirdness is completely normal. For example, what if Josh hired an literal translator to follow him around everywhere and help him interpret his love interest's texts/comments at dinner/etc in the most stereotypical "men are from Mars/women are from Venus" way possible (or in a not stereotypical way at all--maybe it reveals uncomfortable truths)?

Notes: This is one of those where you do NOT have to use all three characters, but please pick at least two--I'd love more about Liz and Mike together, for example, with or without Josh. It turns out this is really hard to give specific prompts for. The show is really clever and funny in a way that I ... am not. I did love when we had the episode about Liz, turning the tables on her and focusing on her relationship failure despite being the show's Relationship Guru. I'd also like to see Mike struggle with wanting a long-term relationship for once. Ship-wise, I'd be down with Liz/Mike (whether it be real feelings or just friends with benefits or something one-sided), but I'd be just as happy with gen.

Minority Report (2015)
Arthur Watson, Lara Vega

Prompt: I'd love anything that explored their tenuous, complicated relationship further, especially shipfic (of any flavor, dysfunctional included, except abuse). I'm a huge fan of fake relationship tropes, and they go well with the canon, so maybe one of them has to be the other's date for a function. Or they have to team up again to save Dash, or one of them has to save the other's life.

Notes: I love their snarkiness, mutual trust issues, (what seemed to me) wary attraction, and the fact that they're on opposite "sides" but sometimes have to work together--if you capitalize on any of those things, I will be super happy. Case fic a la the show would be great; Arthur's power can be very misleading, so I'd love if you drew on that for shenanigans. The moral conflict between Lara's desire to do right and get justice can conflict deliciously with Arthur's shadiness and selfishness. Hurt/comfort very, very welcome. Also, if you're into time loops, good news: SO AM I! Put Arthur and Lara together in a time loop until they come to terms with their feelings for each other (or for any other reason--all time loops are great) and I'll love you forever. One of the aspects of the show that I really liked was the worldbuilding and all the ways our own society developed into theirs--the Fourteens, for example--so similar cultural/political stuff would be fantastic additions.
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I borrowed the structure of this post from roane72's Get Your Words Out accountability post.


Goal for year: 150,000

Minimum goal for January: 12,740
Words written in January: 8,937
Shortage/surplus: -3,803

Minimum goal for YTD: 12,740
My total for year so far: 8,937
Shortage/surplus: -3,803


Stories worked on:
  • Secret original paranormal romance project (B3)
  • Heroine Big Bang
  • Jane/Loki f/f+fisting
  • that Reylo story I haven't quite figured out yet
  • A couple of short birthday treats

Stories finished:
  • Secret original paranormal romance project (B3)
  • A couple of short birthday treats

Goals for February:
  • Finish next secret original paranormal romance project (L2) (it's half-written already, but the first half needs retooling)
  • Finish Jane/Loki f/f & post in honor of defunct Porn Battle :(
  • Finish Chocolate Box assignment & treats
  • Progress on Heroine Big Bang (10k?)
  • Figure out Reylo story
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I don't want anyone in my ships to die/be dead. I'd prefer no PWP. If you write a ficlet that's more suggestive/pre-ship/UST than explicit about the relationship, that's A-OK with me.

Art treats are welcome, if you're an artist!

Supergirl (TV)
Kara Danvers/Jimmy Olsen

These two are so adorable, and I would love to see more of that. I love their dynamic on the show (so cute and fluffy!) and would like something similar-ish in tone (more serious/dramatic is good, but I don't want anything very dark). Some prompts:

  • Having to go undercover as a couple for Reasons, and the UST that causes
  • They get stuck in a time loop together, and end up falling in love ♥___♥
  • Anything hurt/comfort, for either of them - Kara has to patch Jimmy up, Jimmy tending Kara after kryptonite exposure/injury, etc
  • One of them gets amnesia! Angsty or fluffy, or both!

Agents of SHIELD
Will Daniels/Jemma Simmons

;_______; I really loved their dynamic in "4,722 Hours," especially the voice of hope/voice of doom thing. Will's dry commentary and sense of humor very welcome. I would love to see:

  • Moments from their time together on the alien planet - I would love anything domesticky/survivalist especially (stranded on an alien planet curtainfic! Will teaching Jemma to cook with alien food! hurt/comfort!)
  • A canon AU where Will doesn't die and was rescued - maybe his and Jemma's reunion, getting to go on an Earth date for the first time, Jemma showing him what's changed, either/both of them having trouble adjusting to life back on Earth

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Jane Foster/Loki

I really dig the way Thor is always between them and how fraught that makes their relationship. It's hard enough to stick these two together in a longfic, so I don't expect anything more than UST in a 300-word ficlet! Honestly, I love snippets/ficlets that are suggestive of a larger untold story. A couple of things I'm not into for this ship: fluff, true love/soulmates, redemption through romantic love, Loki as some kind of master seductor/sex god (he strikes me as reserved and wary of intimacy). A couple of prompts:

  • Jane and Loki stuck in a time loop together! You're welcome to just do a snippet/one iteration of the loop/something similar to keep it short
  • Anything having to do with Jane rescuing Loki from the snake for whatever reason (hurt/comfort), or any twist on the myths you are inspired by
  • For that matter, anything that forces Loki to take care of/tend Jane (Aether aftereffects?)
  • Somehow they get stuck together! Magical handcuffs, accidental magical soulbonding (can they sense each other's emotions/thoughts??? ♥___♥), Thor in danger, anything that forces them to (grudgingly) work together/take care of each other
  • You can kill off Thor to bring them together
  • Pretty much any canon AU is going to be fine with me
  • Reincarnation/another lifetime - different ways they come together?
  • Idunn's apples (she turns it down. ANGST)
  • Amnesia, y'all. amnesia
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So despite having very little work and income this summer (boo), I'm managing to stay busy.

I finished a draft of an original paranormal romance novella/novelette (it's about 20k) and it was OK'd by someone who is much more in the know than me about these things - no major content changes suggested at all. As you can imagine, the standards aren't super high for stories like these, but that was exciting to hear nonetheless. Now I just have to finish formatting it and put it out there, which will happen early July, hopefully. The next Amazon "pay day" won't be until the end of September, and Amazon is changing its KU payouts in ways that make estimating potential income difficult, but so far comparable books (according to people in the know) can make a couple grand per month or more for the first couple of months. Hellooooooo new career.

I found orig romance a lot easier to write in terms of how quickly things came and how much I obsessed over editing. I think fanfic is, funnily enough, more meaningful to me because I really, really care about the characters to an embarrassing degree and I want everything to feel right and consistent and meaningful in terms of their characterizations and arcs (Loki, I'm looking at you). Whereas the self-pub rom market does not require that level of thought, so I could have a character say or think something super cheesy or clunky and not worry about it so much. It was SO HARD the first couple of times I tried, but it grew to be quite fun.

Meanwhile I've been trying to get into transcription (THIS IS SO HARD, I've failed the entry test four times already, and I spent money on specialized equipment for this!!!) and propositioning people on Elance for editing work. For the latter, I suppose I'm going to have to grit my teeth and lowball services significantly until I can get some jobs on my profile.

Because of financial thinness, it will be the summer of cooking cheaply; i.e., lots of nonperishables and little fresh food. It won't be quite as bad as that summer in college where I subsisted entirely on a case of ramen, frozen chicken breasts, and frozen broccoli, but it does mean a lot of hot food during a hot summer. I have plenty of beans and rice, but the next chance I get I'm going to stock up on canned tomatoes, evaporated milk (first time for everything), tons of eggs (they last forever, seriously), cheese (can be frozen if in blocks!), and peanut butter. Yeah, baby. I've spent a few years building a well-stocked pantry, which is going to come in handy.

I went to a friend's birthday on Saturday. I used to think of myself as such an introvert (insert cutesy graphic on ~how to care for your introvert~) but the older I get the more it's really turning the other way. PEOPLE. People are great. I need more people. She's moved in with someone who has an actual yard with a very overgrown and unproductive garden (seriously, the owner has let all kinds of grass and weeds choke out everything - she said "I don't like space going unused and I don't like bare dirt" to describe this situation and y'all, I nearly had a conniption fit. it's gonna be a process).

They're letting me come by and weed and caretake and giving me one of the four plots to use for myself in exchange. I've been really occupied by orcharding for the past year or two, but it will be nice to get back to my roots. (ha.) I went out Sunday and spent 90 minutes weeding like crazy (got about six square feet done - not bad really, considering how densely thicketed everything was, but a fraction of the total work to be done) and planted some cucumber seeds. Got a wicked sunburn in exchange, because I'm the kind of person who doesn't think about sunscreen, ever. Hopefully the seeds will have come up by the time I return - maybe tomorrow.
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My likes and dislikes have changed over the past couple of years, so older letters might not be so helpful. Chances are if you really enjoy writing it, I'll really enjoy reading it. So some very general guidelines and suggestions:

  • Even though this is a shipping exchange, I don't necessarily expect a happily ever after. Happy-for-now, ambiguous, open, and sad endings are welcome too.
  • Any ratings are welcome for any ship, but I've identified some specific ships where I'd be good with strictly PWP. Otherwise, something outside/in addition to the sex is preferred.
  • I've separated out "fic" and "art" requests for convenience's sake, but feel free to use whatever prompt for whatever medium.
  • All kinds of canon divergence AUs are always welcome for any ship, but if I want an alternate-setting/all-human AU I'll usually request something specific and would not prefer it for any other ship/scenario.
  • My one squick: sexual appearances by non-sexual bodily fluids (urine, vomit, etc). Non-sexual appearances (throwing up in a sickfic, frex) are fine.
  • In relationships, I prefer "showing" over "telling" when it comes to love - i.e., showing what one character will do for another. "I love you" doesn't do much for me as a reader, basically. Think the five love languages. OTOH, I'm also cool with characters drawing lines about what they will/will not do for someone else even though they DO love them. I don't think "unconditional love" equals "unconditional action on the beloved's behalf," if that makes sense. I love when morality conflicts with desire, especially when it comes to villain/hero and similar pairings.
  • The art prompts are more concise, but that doesn't mean I want art any less! I think it's just that describing scenes for art seems more straightforward than describing ideas for writing.

The themes of this letter are time loops, road trips, skinny dipping, and the post-apocalypse. If you managed to combine all of these into one work, you would have my undying love.

Covert Affairs: Annie/Eyal )

MCU: Bucky/Jane, Jane/Loki/Tony, Jane/Loki/Thor )

Supergirl (TV 2015): Kara/Jimmy )

Veronica Mars: Leo/Veronica, Weevil/Veronica )
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The semester has ended. Grades have been turned in. Only two change-of-grade forms to fill out, and no disputations so far as I know.

Still behind on my doctoral exam reading. My chair probably thinks I hate him/I've disappeared off the face of the earth because I haven't finished revising the exam list since he asked me in March to add a bunch of stuff. (Which: :/ thanks a lot, dude.) Of course, the final version doesn't need to be turned in until, well, the day before exams, so I'm not in trouble. And I know other students have used the summer rather than take two full semesters to read and done well, so it's not unsalvageable. On the plus side, should I actually stick around for a dissertation, I f.i.n.a.l.l.y. got a workable and not super difficult idea for one.

Speaking of leaving, I only re-upped my apartment lease for another six months, through December, on the assumption that I'm going to put my body where my mouth is and actually get a job teaching English overseas. I could use a free apartment and a few million won per month. The #1 thing holding me back at this point is that in the last year I've taken up hobby orcharding, and I won't be around to see the (literal) fruits of my labor at my dad's house. Plus, somehow I doubt there are that many gardening opportunities in S. Korea.

My parents divorced last year. It sucked. But they're both seeing other people now and that is starting to feel more normal.

I'm not reading so much fic lately. A comment on FFA about how fanfic spends so much more time on facial expressions and body language than profic got me thinking about my favorite stories and how they are written. Sure enough, the best examples of writing I like don't do that. It's made me stop and reflect on my own writing a lot - I'm culling much more severely than I used to and thinking more carefully about the details I include. On the plus side, I really like what I have managed to turn out; it's a lot tighter and actually has some subtlety. On the minus side, it is hard to undo habits and it makes for a much slower writing process.

What I have been reading lately is mostly Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond books. I'm about 100 pages into the first. I don't really read historical fiction and honestly have little interest in it, but the prose is exquisite.
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I've been working on this for about a week! It's half for myself, and half for anyone who might be interested. This is fairly comprehensive in that it's pretty much everything I've liked so far that I've found, but it's no guarantee that I've found everything worth reading. I welcome any recs you have, especially if they're from FFN, where I've only dared venture a few times, or Tumblr, where it's hard to find fic. (Chances are, if it's on AO3, I've read it.)

The well-known classics are here (okay, the one classic everyone knows and that I'm pretty sure is responsible for half the following this small ship does have), as well as some less famous works and a lot of WIPs. (Finish your WIPs! /hypocrite)

They're roughly sorted from longer to shorter, with commentary (including some criticism) following. There are 23 works here total.

finished fics )

WIPs )
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I cobbled together this book-meme from [ profile] innermostplanet's equally cobbled-together, longer version that I just didn't have the patience for.

I didn't read a lot of fiction last year. Chalk it up to depression and busy-ness. Many of the references below are to books I read for one of my graduate classes (one on science fiction, one on teaching literature). Hopefully some of them are sufficiently obscure as to be interesting.

Unexpectedly liked: Geoff Ryman's The Child Garden. Before I began reading it (for a class) I knew it contained a semi-bestial relationship (between a human and a sentient bear), and it kind of sounded like total crack. It was actually really good, thoughtful and full of feeling and delightful narration (yes, including Human/Bear relations; I didn't have that wrong!). If you like futuristic scifi-ish fiction, you should read this.

Unexpectedly disliked: I re-read Mira Grant's Newsflesh trilogy this year after not picking it up for a couple of years. I had enjoyed them when I first read them, but this time around I ended up hating large swathes of it, mostly because of the narrative voices. The concept, plot, and science (or "science") in the books are very good, but the way the story was told was a huge turn-off. It's told in first person, which grates a lot more than it used to, and both the POV characters, Georgia and Shaun Mason, are so fucking obnoxious and annoying. The excerpts of "journalism" from their blogs were laughably bad, particularly after being told time and time again that they were hard-hitting and serious and objective compared to all those other journalists. Also, the personality essentialism (Irwins vs. Newsies vs. Fictionals) reached a frankly weird height. All in all, a disappointment. I'm planning to re-read all the October Daye books in the near future and now I'm worried they won't hold up either. :/

My book boyfriend: Tybalt from October Daye. You can pine over me anytime you want, King of Cats.

My book girlfriend: Becks Atherton, from Newsflesh. You deserved better, you beautiful zombie-killing badass.

Weirdest: Lesabéndio: An Asteroid Novel by Paul Scheerbart. It's almost impossible to describe the weirdness. It's science fiction aliens before the tropes of the genre really solidified and there are almost no humans at all. It's also a strongly optimistic and earnest book, as opposed to the cynicism and self-referentiality that pervades a lot of the scifi and fantasy I've been reading lately ("look at me, I'm aware of the genre tropes"). Reminds me in some ways of Lewis's Space trilogy (not sure I could describe the similarities beyond "earnestness"). If you are interested in the "form vs. function" debate in aesthetics, this is the scifi fable for you.

Favorite prose: Fiction: Nabokov, with Lolita, for obvious reasons. I read it for the first time this year. Non-fiction: Rebecca Solnit. I began her Wanderlust and every sentence is sublime. One of Solnit's greatest strengths is her ability to balance academic concepts with non-academic voice and prose. I wish I could just type up this 500-word passage that encapsulates all that I think about the postmodern examination of "the body", but alas. You'll just have to read it yourself. (May I recommend the following books: A Paradise Built in Hell, Landscapes for Politics, Wanderlust, River of Shadows).
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These kinds of posts really only exist for the purpose of looking back at them later and laughing, but laughter is fun, so:

I already mentioned wanting to write 150k this year, so there's that.

Draw more. Right now my goal is a measly five minutes per day sketching (again, let's get those expectations real nice and low, that's the ticket!), and I've modified one of those writing spreadsheets so that it tracks minutes of work instead of word count. It's not perfect, but it'll do.

Finish my WIP. What's really holding me back is all the planning (okay, and laziness and distractability). Fortunately I've figured out the ending and am in the process of working backward. I've gotten that advice twice recently, so I might as well try it. It's counter-intuitive to me, because I've always thought about my stories in terms of the concept or starting point situation, but so far the story is making sense and seems to be working (cue knocking on wood).

Read more books. I miss the feeling of having a book in my hand that is not for graduate school. I started keeping a list of recommendations and I'm going to try to work through them all this year. Lots of variation: high fantasy, historical, literary, etc. If anyone loves a book and wants to pass the name on to me, please feel free. Some of my favorite contemporary authors are Robin McKinley, Cherie Priest, Seanan McGuire, Kim Stanley Robinson, Peter Watts, China Mieville, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Zadie Smith, if that helps. Good nonfiction too; I am a huge fan of Rebecca Solnit, for example.

Keep a commonplace book. I'm a very fast reader, to the point that other people would call it skimming. But if I read as slowly as I speak, I get to the end of a sentence and forget where I started. This is one way of slowing myself down and noticing things, especially language.
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With a few more details and thoughts.

For Mischief & Mistletoe I wrote Summit, a 10k AU where Loki fell to Earth and Sif followed him. There are a lot of things I like about this story - some particular scenes - but the idea probably needed 5-10k more for the premise to be executed really successfully. I toyed with the idea of Loki slipping away on the last night or Sif letting him go at the end (and then gearing up to follow him again), and that might have been more interesting. Not sure how much the beginning scenes really belong (I almost started at the foot of the mountain), but ultimately I left them because one of the recipient's requests was more Jane or Heimdall.

My gift, syn aisthesis, was a lovely domestic fic featuring Loki as an artist. Nice working in of little details of the relationship dynamic, which I love.

The other two stories I'd rec (with the caveat that I haven't read everything in the collection):

The lovely and sad Where You Can't Return, which is about Frigga and Sif and Loki, with some post-The Dark World parts and some pre-canon. I had guessed correctly that it was written by Barkour. I've read so much of her fic - including fandoms I'm not even in or are barely familiar with on the strength of her writing, which is not typical for me - I practically consider myself a connoisseur of her style. She seems to have mostly moved on from Loki/Sif and the MCU more generally, which is sad but fine. I hope she writes more plotty stories for The Flash; I really liked her Barry/Iris snippets.

The other is Armistice, which is ... hard to summarize, but one of the best things I've read recently. A summary of what happens in the fic could be "Futurefic in which Sif and Loki meet in a tavern while she's hunting him down," but that is really not a great description of what the story is actually about or like. Great outsider POV and scene-setting and very funny. It's short, so check it out. It was written by my recipient, damalur, who was a pretty intimidating recipient to receive since I love her writing a LOT. It's no surprise I loved this too. Armistice in particular is not very ... fanficcish, if you know what I mean? I don't mean that in a bad way (or a particularly good way, even). But there can sometimes be a certain "feel" to fanfiction because the relative insularity of the community - everyone reading and writing each other's stuff - produces a certain set of tropes and stylistic conventions like any other type of writing. A lot of the elements of "Armistice" - the third-omni POV (utterly rare in fic and getting rarer in pro writing), the setting influenced by both fantasy and scifi writing more than the canon itself, the particular brand of humor and dialogue - seem more influenced by pro genre writing than fic writing. It was a breath of fresh air. It also rewards re-read.
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Because who doesn't love a bit of self-indulgent navel-gazing?

While the personal and scholarly sides of my life were not great, the fannish side was pretty rad, all things considered. I've gone in and out of fandom for the last 15 years or so, and picked up again at the end of 2013 after a couple years' absence. This probably coincides with stumbling across FFA, which is my only real multifandom space and makes the whole endeavor feel very alive and active in a way it hadn't for me in a while.

I made a commitment to write at least 100,000 words this year. I wanted to keep the overall total low, because in the past I've had a nasty habit of setting very high goals that I always fail. 272 words per day, on the other hand, sounded pretty doable. And even though I was significantly behind on this goal for almost six months, I caught up in the second half and ended up writing 142,000 words total, over 100k of which was posted. My goal for 2015 is 150k, which seems pretty doable in light of that. I signed up for [community profile] inkingitout, but honestly, the tool that helped me the most was Svenja Gosen's wordcount tracking spreadsheets - just today she put up the sheets for 2015, with a bunch of different themes. They are a superb tool; the spreadsheet not only tracks your daily output but tells you how far you're behind or ahead, how much you have left to do for the month/year, and doesn't worry if you miss a day or a week or a month. Since I tend to sit down and write a couple thousand words at a stretch once or twice a week, I much preferred this over having a daily wordcount goal. There's just no way I'm going to sit down and write every day, and I prefer not to feel guilty about it. She also makes some specially for NaNoWriMo, if you do that.

Other fannish highlights of 2014:

I received some pretty amazing exchange gifts this year, all told. Not a dud among them. (Like I would say if there were, but still. You can trust me.) The average quality of what I got was, I think, significantly higher than the average of what I put out. I don't have the time or space to rec them all, even though they deserve it, but here are four that I think didn't get enough appreciation or attention even though they were balls-to-the-walls amazing:

BSG 2003, Journey into Mystery, MCU, Monstar )

In other news.

Not counting the unfinished HP Year Five fic I posted on FFN twelve years ago (because who does, really?), I wrote my very first fic longer than about 4k this year. I worked my way up from there.

Closely related, I finished my first big bang, [ profile] marvel_bang. I've signed up for at least a dozen over the last several years and never managed it. The resulting fic, So Bound with Ice, clocked in at 32k, which is definitely the most I've managed to write ever. I'm not 100% happy with the story, for a few reasons - mostly I had no idea what I was doing with respect to plot; it's just a bunch of scenes strung together - but it's readable and, most importantly, I finished the goddamn thing. (It was a close thing, though: in the last week there were a couple of days where I had to sit down and write 6k in a session to crank it out). I'm not so much proud of the fic as I am of myself. I'm going to give it a re-read next summer and see what I would do to revise it, just for the exercise of doing so with some distance.

Although I'm proud of that story for having finished it, the story I'm most proud of actually writing is A Temporary Arrangement, a post-TWS Bruce/Natasha story that I thought did a good job with the character voices. I also really like the Mischief & Mistletoe fic I wrote, but I can't tell you about that yet!

I also completed art for someone else's big bang, but I'm not linking to that because of its aggressive mediocrity. I will sit back and appreciate more talented people's work next year.

I ran or co-ran four exchanges, which went off more or less without major hitches, and all of which I'll run again in 2015.

I signed up for 13 exchanges, only defaulting on one (which I ended up picking up a pinch hit for anyway). Pressure is 90% of what gets me to write, but I'm not doing that again, and definitely not more than one at once. There are just a couple of fics I'm not super happy with having written, one because it didn't live up to its potential because I was a bit burned out, and the other because I didn't have a good grasp on one of the main characters (the recip requested two and their only prompt was for them together, when I had only offered one).

And finally, last but greatest, I made some delightful friends. YOU'RE ALL GREAT. I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR.

Altogether, I think, a success.
Dec. 31st, 2014 07:02 pm


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For Yuletide I got two great Longmire (the TV show) fics, both Cady/Henry get-togethers: Careful What You Ask For, You Don't Know Till You Try and Closing Arguments. I had a hankering for fic based on season three, given how much they were interacting, and was lucky enough to get twice the fun. Great Henry voices especially in both.

I wrote two fics myself, both of which I'm pretty proud of. For 13 Going on 30 I wrote So Ahead of Yourself, a sort-of sequel to the movie about Matt and Jenna's relationship, mostly fluffy romance with some teenaged angst and accidental five-times-ing. And I wrote a treat for Gotham, Sharpen Your Knife (terribly titled but it was posted at very nearly the literal last minute), Gordon/Mooney femdom smut that I couldn't get out of my head after seeing the prompt. Possibly thinking about another where Jim goes undercover at a BDSM club. Maybe.
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Quite late to this, but I've taken some time to think and process.

First: Wow, ten movies already, and now ten more. Holy shit. It's grown to the point that even if the MCU has one, two, even three failed movies that it would not put a dent in being a gargantuan cultural and financial powerhouse. Maybe if the three failed movies were all from the original franchise lines (Cap, Thor, Avengers team) and all in a row. Maybe. But no one's going to care if Ant-Man tanks. (Personally, I'm looking forward to it, but that may just be because the twin pulls of Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly are strong. And, I admit, I'm going in with seriously low expectations. I'd rather be surprised.)

Also, LOL @ DC trying to pull off something similar. I'm enjoying the CW's DCverse and Gotham (though I'm behind), but everything else I can think of has been a total clunker. Good luck with that, guys.

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I would love to hear other thoughts!
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Mostly for my own reference, but in case anyone else is interested in this pairing, which I'm really excited for given the AOU spoilers and trailer (my icon is a moment I am SO looking forward to). Bruce and Natasha are my favorites, and I saw their chemistry in The Avengers and immediately wanted to see more of them together in whatever context or relationship. They're perfect together: both with angsty pasts they are trying to move on from, suspicious of each other even though they really have more in common, and delicious potential for hurt/comfort. (That moment with Bruce in the blanket did things for me, emotionally speaking.)

Unfortunately, though they're tagged in more than 300 fics on AO3, they're almost always a background pairing in someone else's story. So I made it my mission to look through every fic and find the ones that were really about Bruce/Natasha and find the best ones. Ta da~

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Dear Mischiefmaker,

Thank you for writing for me! I love lots of different kinds of stories, so you're in luck.

Original request:
I would love any of the following things: pre-canon adventures/questing/exploration; incorporation of/reference to Norse myth; post-TDW shenanigans involving Loki's plotting and/or messing with Sif's head from the throne (and/or Sif figuring it out and messing with Loki!); canon AUs for any of the three movies Loki has been in. Human AUs are fine too, as long as the dynamic between the characters is preserved (the one thing I would prefer about Loki/Sif in particular for this is that they have known each other growing up at least a little, rather than meeting as adults and strangers).

Feel free to include or ignore Sif's being in love with Thor per your preference. With Loki/Sif, I would be happy with something more antagonistic and hate-sexy, or something more focused on an actual relationship (just nothing too fluffy, although a happy ending - or a sad one - is fine). For tropes, I dig pining (including unrequited), relationship/marriage tropes (undercover as a couple, marriage of convenience, sharing a bed, etc), fantasizing about the other, "fix-it" time travel (even if it doesn't actually fix anything), and forced proximity/forced to work together or team up.

Additional prompts:
  • Ragnarok or other apocalypse situation
  • Spells or hexes where people can't lie
  • Teaming up to save Thor from something pre-canon
  • Exploring other realms, including Midgard, pre-canon
  • Canon AU: Loki fell to Earth, Yggdrasil, or elsewhere at the end of Thor (Sif come to rescue him?)
  • Huddling for warmth
  • Other AUs: steampunk, cyberpunk, historical, cop, urban fantasy, noir, odd or unusual professions

I would also be happy with anything that includes other characters, especially from the Thor movies, as well. Jane, Thor, the Warriors Three, Darcy, any are welcome.

Darkfic, mindfucks, nightmares come to life, and horror are all fine too. Loki's magic has a lot of potential there, though of course there are other creatures and artifacts out there too.

But something more domestic or curtainficcy, especially if it focuses on the characters' dynamic, would be lovely as well. I tend to see Sif and Loki as rivals who are uneasy around each other and have trust issues, but I would also buy them as people who understand each other in a way that Thor doesn't necessarily, as outsiders (even if they don't always agree with the other's choices).

For art, I would love to see some Asgardian formalwear (maybe at a formal occasion?), either of them working at their talents (using or cleaning weapons, performing magic), or young Sif and Loki doing something together. Feel free to interpret any of the prompts above in a visual way.

Stuff I don't want: Non-con, non-sexual bodily fluids, pregnancy or kid fic. That's pretty much it, I think.
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More TV, because I don't know how to moderate my addiction and have no sense of time management. Cut because I apparently can't stop typing about this show, and also for spoilers (lol @ the idea that anyone else is still watching this show, let's be real):

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I have posted a lot of exchange letters, so feel free to trawl through those too, using the "dear creator" tag, although I borrow from them a lot.

General likes:
  • For very actiony or supernatural canons, I really like curtain fic/domestic fic, especially if it gives a picture of "life in this crazy canon."
  • Whump and hurt/comfort, in all forms. Amnesia, sickness, trauma, injury, whatever. Trauma aftermath and stories about coping (or not coping) do wonderful things for me.
  • Apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic fic, including post-apocalyptic curtainfic (lol). Just no zombies. (Except Little Mosque - I would definitely read that zombie apocalypse with hearts in my eyes.)
  • Open endings, including ambiguity about whether the relationship will work out if it's a shippy fic.
  • Family dynamics, both found families and I'm-stuck-with-this-biofamily.
  • Traveling and/or road trips. All the road trips.
  • Sex pollen and all its non-flora incarnations, forever and always.
  • Groundhog Day stories.
  • Alternate universes (especially of the canon-divergent variety, but all are welcome that preserve the canon dynamics between characters).
  • Difficult ethical quandaries for good/heroic characters.
  • Worldbuilding.
  • Pining (including unrequited) and miscommunication troubles.
  • A/B/O AUs. For literally any of the fandoms I've requested, even if it would be lulzy. I love the idea of the A/B/O dynamic changing what we see in canon.
  • Relationship/marriage tropes (undercover as a couple, marriage of convenience, sharing a bed, cooking as love, etc).
  • Five things/times/etc, with different numbers or negations.
  • Darkfic/horror. I've added some prompts from Crueltide. I'm not expecting the darkest of dark (although that's good too!) but anything that's fundamentally unhappy or heart-hurty too. Darkfic works best for me when there's a psychological component: a degrading sense of self, questioning one's own sanity or senses, creeping doubt, etc. While I don't need a happy ending, some sense of closure or resolution to the situation would be nice (even if our tortured hero is left with lingering psychological scars or is never the same again ...). No animal or child abuse or amputation, please. The only canon I definitely don't want darkfic for is Little Mosque on the Prairie.

↑ Feel free to consider all of these prompts.

General dislikes:
  • Explicit, straight-up non-con/rape. References to the past or to current attempts to deal with trauma are totally fine.
  • Kid fic/next gen/pregnancy fic. (exception: Little Mosque, Inhuman)
  • On-screen wedding ceremonies or marriage proposals. (exception: Little Mosque)
  • Soulmates/True Love. Love is great, but except for canons where True Love is built in (like OUAT), I tend toward thinking that all the relationships in a person's history are significant to them and don't become meaningless now that they've found someone else.
  • Sexual appearances by non-sexual bodily fluids (non-sexual appearances are fine, if that makes sense).

I have zero preferences about ratings; stuff I read and look at regularly run the gamut from G to E. I would be happy to receive porn (if I've requested a ship) with or without plot. I'm cool with violence and horror, too. I'm a sucker for all character studies and portraits.

I'm equally excited about all the fandoms I've requested; don't worry that just because one section is particularly long or short, that's equivalent to how much I want it.

13 Going on 30: Jenna Rink, Matt Flamhaff )

Inhuman: Dante Pertuz, Gabriela Pertuz )

Little Mosque on the Prairie: Sarah Hamoudi, Yasir Hamoudi )

Longmire (TV) )

Spider-Man (Ultimateverse): Katie Bishop, Miles Morales )

Peaky Blinders: Grace Burgess, Tommy Shelby )
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