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General Likes: hurt/comfort, canon AUs, time loops, relationship tropes (played straight or subverted), 5 times/things

DNWs: pure smut, pure fluff, pure darkness, noncon/rape

Aaron Gault

Prompt: I'd love to read something set after the finale--survivalist stuff, not deathfic please, although something depressing or him slowly going insane would be fine--or other people finally joining him, wherever they are, after they've honed Christa's power. (Or are other people there already? Have there been previous accidents involving Christa's power?) Or bring him home somehow, and maybe have him confront the reality of the Ascension project and how the world has changed while he thought he was in space.

Notes: That finale messed me up, man. What??? It just ends there??? I don't want to read about Aaron dying or, like, eating himself, but otherwise I'd be happy with something depressing about being all alone in space and trying to get home (a la Agents of SHIELD's "4400 Hours," which I really enjoyed), or something hopeful and not depressing. I'd also love to read about his relationship with other members of the crew. I don't necessarily ship him with Emily, but reflections on their relationship would be great, or more about how his race complicates his position and presentation of himself on the ship (including, if you like, what it was like for him as a child and how he experienced it then). I was also really intrigued by his relationship with the librarian, Ophelia, and I'd love to hear more about their places in each other's lives. In terms of the show itself, I really like the retrofuturist aesthetic and would love to hear more about "worldbuilding" stuff like how the 1950s American culture/values evolved on the ship, if those are things you want to explore/include.

Cuckoo Song - Frances Hardinge
Trista, Violet Parish

Prompt: I'd love to see their post-canon adventures, either gen or femslash. Motorcycle road trip? Trista making new not-Triss memories? Violet being willing to fall in love again even though it's risky?

Notes: I'm sorry this section of my letter wasn't complete--I was expecting matching to take days, not minutes! I intended to reread the book because it's a little fuzzy for me at this point. Suffice it to say, I'd also love worldbuilding and setting-based fic, either of the fantastical elements or postwar Britain or both. Horror elements like the ones in canon are more than welcome, so long as there's a happyish ending.

Man Seeking Woman
Josh Greenberg, Liz Greenberg, Mike Scaggs

Prompt: Most of all, I really want something that captures the surrealist and absurdist humor aspects of the show. Pick a relationship circumstance/difficulty, take it to the strangest, most absurd place you can think of, and then pretend that weirdness is completely normal. For example, what if Josh hired an literal translator to follow him around everywhere and help him interpret his love interest's texts/comments at dinner/etc in the most stereotypical "men are from Mars/women are from Venus" way possible (or in a not stereotypical way at all--maybe it reveals uncomfortable truths)?

Notes: This is one of those where you do NOT have to use all three characters, but please pick at least two--I'd love more about Liz and Mike together, for example, with or without Josh. It turns out this is really hard to give specific prompts for. The show is really clever and funny in a way that I ... am not. I did love when we had the episode about Liz, turning the tables on her and focusing on her relationship failure despite being the show's Relationship Guru. I'd also like to see Mike struggle with wanting a long-term relationship for once. Ship-wise, I'd be down with Liz/Mike (whether it be real feelings or just friends with benefits or something one-sided), but I'd be just as happy with gen.

Minority Report (2015)
Arthur Watson, Lara Vega

Prompt: I'd love anything that explored their tenuous, complicated relationship further, especially shipfic (of any flavor, dysfunctional included, except abuse). I'm a huge fan of fake relationship tropes, and they go well with the canon, so maybe one of them has to be the other's date for a function. Or they have to team up again to save Dash, or one of them has to save the other's life.

Notes: I love their snarkiness, mutual trust issues, (what seemed to me) wary attraction, and the fact that they're on opposite "sides" but sometimes have to work together--if you capitalize on any of those things, I will be super happy. Case fic a la the show would be great; Arthur's power can be very misleading, so I'd love if you drew on that for shenanigans. The moral conflict between Lara's desire to do right and get justice can conflict deliciously with Arthur's shadiness and selfishness. Hurt/comfort very, very welcome. Also, if you're into time loops, good news: SO AM I! Put Arthur and Lara together in a time loop until they come to terms with their feelings for each other (or for any other reason--all time loops are great) and I'll love you forever. One of the aspects of the show that I really liked was the worldbuilding and all the ways our own society developed into theirs--the Fourteens, for example--so similar cultural/political stuff would be fantastic additions.
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