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With the caveat that I have not gotten to all the fandoms I know yet. (Saga and Hawkeye, I'm looking at you.)

Agent of Asgard

Exchange Rate (Verity, Loki, Doom, 2k, gen)
Summary: ‘Your ability to see through illusion, have you ever wished to rid yourself of it?’
Notes: A nice Verity-centric piece where she gets a temporary reprieve from her superpower by making a deal with Doctor Doom. The scenes with Doom are pretty funny. Spent a lot of its time on setup rather than follow-through, though.

The Quest for Loki: A Love Story with Voicemail, Pizza, and No Ketchup (Loki/Sigurd/Verity, 1.7k)
Summary: The totally epic account of how Verity Willis and Sigurd the Ever-Glorious kicked some righteous ass and got back their Loki. Aw, yeah, Titans! (Wait, sorry, wrong series.) Also: a story about the relative unimportance of balloons. And other things.
Notes: Hard to tell exactly what's going on at any given moment, but there is some delightful fourth-wall breaking that is totally in the spirit of the comic.

The Mischief Rule (Loki/Verity, 3.1k, explicit)
Summary: Sex with a god sounds great, in theory, but Verity discovers that Loki can be just as much of a pain in the ass in bed as he is out of it.
Notes: Pitch-perfect Loki voice and attitude. Very funny but also manages to pull off hot (difficult imo). Plus, there's sex magic.

Black Widow

The Cat That Comes Back (Natasha, Liho, 1.4k)
Summary: There is this other world, where people have cats and lose them. She doesn't know how to be part of it.
Notes: Very melancholy, but a little hopeful, character study of Natasha. My comment on this was "insanely gorgeous prose." I think that about sums it up.

Blue Beetle

Tactical Disadvantage (Brenda/Jaime/Paco, 3.6k, T)
Summary: It's completely normal to start dating your best friends. At least, that's what Jaime keeps telling himself.
Notes: Cute, funny relationship hijinks.

Gotham Academy

Ghosts and Bats (Olive, Maps, 1.4k, gen)
Summary: Maps loves to find out all about the strange happenings at Gotham Academy. And apparently there's a ghost in the library now.
Notes: Delightful mini-casefic. I've really enjoyed the comic so far and I was super glad to see someone treat this request - I thought about it but couldn't come up with anything.

Ms. Marvel

cause a hundred veils to fall (Kamala, Nakia, 2.7k, gen)
Summary: Best friend troubles, wild deceptions, and mad scientists: or, Kamala Khan, this is your life now.
Notes: Delightfully written Nakia. Friendship fic. Secret identity shenanigans.

If You See Something - Say Nothing (1k, gen, outsider perspective)
Summary: Wherein there are no identity-revealing hijinks, because everyone already knows Kamala is Ms. Marvel, and they're just politely pretending they don't.
Notes: Cute and funny twist on secret identity shenanigans.

L.A. Women (Full of Protein, with a Hint of Sweetness) (Crossover with Hawkeye: Kamala, Kate, 5k, gen)
Summary: Welcome to Kate Bishop Investigations. She came to Los Angeles to get away from the craziness and drama of New York – and family, both adopted and genetic – but this is her spectacularly unboring life. In other words, just another Tuesday.
Notes: Excellent, cute team-up taking advantage of Lockjaw's teleporting abilities. Bonus Marcus cameo.
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