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My likes and dislikes have changed over the past couple of years, so older letters might not be so helpful. Chances are if you really enjoy writing it, I'll really enjoy reading it. So some very general guidelines and suggestions:

  • Even though this is a shipping exchange, I don't necessarily expect a happily ever after. Happy-for-now, ambiguous, open, and sad endings are welcome too.
  • Any ratings are welcome for any ship, but I've identified some specific ships where I'd be good with strictly PWP. Otherwise, something outside/in addition to the sex is preferred.
  • I've separated out "fic" and "art" requests for convenience's sake, but feel free to use whatever prompt for whatever medium.
  • All kinds of canon divergence AUs are always welcome for any ship, but if I want an alternate-setting/all-human AU I'll usually request something specific and would not prefer it for any other ship/scenario.
  • My one squick: sexual appearances by non-sexual bodily fluids (urine, vomit, etc). Non-sexual appearances (throwing up in a sickfic, frex) are fine.
  • In relationships, I prefer "showing" over "telling" when it comes to love - i.e., showing what one character will do for another. "I love you" doesn't do much for me as a reader, basically. Think the five love languages. OTOH, I'm also cool with characters drawing lines about what they will/will not do for someone else even though they DO love them. I don't think "unconditional love" equals "unconditional action on the beloved's behalf," if that makes sense. I love when morality conflicts with desire, especially when it comes to villain/hero and similar pairings.
  • The art prompts are more concise, but that doesn't mean I want art any less! I think it's just that describing scenes for art seems more straightforward than describing ideas for writing.

The themes of this letter are time loops, road trips, skinny dipping, and the post-apocalypse. If you managed to combine all of these into one work, you would have my undying love.

They have such great chemistry. I love the star-crossed thing they have going on, where they work for rival agencies and can't really be together even if the timing was good (remember how Annie couldn't date that one guy because he wasn't an American citizen or something?).

Fic: I'd love to see anything about them working through their trust issues from later S3 and either, or both, defying their agencies in little ways, like how they have done to preserve what they could of their relationship (Annie copying the watch drive for Eyal, Eyal lying about where she lives to his superior). Post-Russia recovery fic would be awesome, as would more about Annie's stay with Eyal between seasons 4 and 5. Hurt/comfort would be great too, as would any spy-type tropes (undercover as a couple, sharing a bed on a mission, you and me against the world, falsely branded "rogue agent(s)" trying to clear their name(s), both assigned separately to the same situation, those kinds of things). Something more domestic where they're just hanging out together, cooking, at his apartment, skinny dipping in the middle of nowhere, going on vacation/roadtripping/backpacking/camping together, etc. Casefic would be great if that's something you enjoy writing. I also really love when spies/superheroes/etc role-play or pretend to be "normal" people temporarily, knowing that it can't last forever. Finally, I'd also love to read about the real end of their careers where they really do get on that boat and just sail away together.

Art: Sailing away on Eyal's boat; on the job together; patching each other up; drinking/eating out or other downtime/normal activities.

This is not even a tag on AO3 yet, so I'm going to credit myself with inventing it! But it could be cute, right? Jane is totally used to working on kludged-together equipment (she makes her own stuff!) so she could help maintain and provide insight into the arm (Bucky might not understand it very well himself, maybe?), and Bucky could help her set up the heavy equipment and generally make fun of her a little and bring her down to earth.

Fic: For Bucky in particular, trauma and recovery are totally OK (Jane probably has some issues to work through too, what with being possessed by an Infinity Stone and all), but please don't have him be a mindless non-person and I don't want a 100% angstfest. I'd love to see something of his TFA personality shining through (his attempts at charm don't work on Jane, so he has to figure something else out? or I think it would be cool to have Jane be more of the aggressor?) even if, for obvious reasons, he's not exactly the same person. More tropey stuff: I would love to read about them being stuck in a time loop (come to think of it, not a bad way for Bucky to change or recover or develop feelings over a "short" period of time?). Or time travel: they go the past or the future and Jane has to build a machine to get them back. Or they meet in the post-apocalypse and huddle for warmth help each other survive. Or go on a road trip together (idk why, you tell me!)! Or have them with similar roles/histories as in canon but set IN SPACE! Also, skinny dipping.

Art: Jane sitting/standing on Bucky's shoulders to fix/adjust/build something; Jane working on Bucky's metal arm; someone's head in the other's lap.

Just think about how great/terrible it would be!

Fic: True fact: There is only one awesome fic out there for this threesome, and I would probably sacrifice a few little kids to get some more. (Just a few! Sheesh.) I am down for whatever you want to write. Here are some ideas: Porn (PWP welcome - some favorites are MFM lovin', DP, voyeurism, sex pollen, Asgardian dirty talk, oral, and/or a little bondage, but I'm open to whatever. I have the feeling Tony is more submissive than the others if you want to play around with that). Time loops. Huddling for warmth. Time travel. The apocalypse. Forced to work together. Everyone being giant brainiacs all over the place. Magic and science. BODYSWAPS (I would love both sexy and nonsexy versions; the consent issues inherent in exploring/masturbating/having sex with someone else's body do not squick me). Getting trapped on another planet/in another galaxy. Repression of feeeeelings, especially Loki, because that's how he rolls. Two characters ganging up on the third in bed. AU where they are all grad students. Skinny dipping! Road/space trips! "In Space" AU! Magic sex rituals! Any kind of canon divergence is most welcome. (If you want to do something darker and creepier with an AU where Loki won in the Avengers and rules the Earth, please go ahead! Completely fine with mind control and mind-controlled noncon [would prefer no violent, non-mind-controlled noncon, if that makes sense].) Engineers vs. physicists (vs. sorcerers): a timeless rivalry. And, of course, all the banter!

Art: Something to do with the arc reactor; sexytimes; cuddling/huddling for warmth; working together on something sciencey; Tony making everyone breakfast in bed; something with Loki in his Jotun form; skinny dipping.

I love all iterations of these three fine folk and would love to see emphasis on any combination, but I do love Jane especially and I think she complicates things in interesting ways.

Fic: First time and established relationship are both legit paths to take here. Otherwise, I am down with just about anything. To try and be more helpful: building and negotiating the three-way, the issue of Jane's mortality coming up (to eat or not to eat the apple?), some kind of canon-divergence AU, pure porn (PWP welcome - some favorites are MFM lovin', DP, voyeurism, sex pollen, Asgardian dirty talk, oral, and/or a little bondage, but I'm open to whatever), time loops, time travel, bodyswaps (I would love both sexy and nonsexy versions; the consent issues inherent in exploring/masturbating/having sex with someone else's body do not squick me), general worldbuilding (especially of Asgard, but any other aliens are good too), traveling the Nine Realms (intergalactic road trip!), living in the post-apocalypse, huddling for warmth, going skinny dipping in strange non-Earth pools.

Art: traveling the different realms; sexytimes; Idunn's apples/orchard; something with Loki in his Jotun form; cuddling/huddling for warmth; skinny dipping.

So adorable! I will be super excited by anything Kara/Jimmy.

Fic: Feel free to extrapolate on anything about their dynamic or story that you liked from the pilot. Something that approximates the light-hearted tone of the show (so far) would be wonderful. I would love the story of how they get together. It would be great to see them on the job together (late nights at the office with takeout!), or him supporting her superheroing, or something to do with Kryptonite and Kara's weakness to it. Or a "casefic" type story with the Alien Villain of the Week! Post-apocalypse/dystopia! Any kind of hurt/comfort would be super awesome, for either of them. Road trip! Skinny/dipping! Getting stuck in a time loop! Something super domestic like cooking together! I'm so easy for this ship, honestly.

Art: cuddling; caretaking/hurt/comfort/patching each other up; doing domestic things together like the cuties they are; late nights at the office with takeout/working together.

My favorite of Veronica's exes! I love Schmidt, but Max Greenfield will always be Deputy Leo (or Personal Security Guard Leo, sob) in my heart of hearts. Something post-series maybe (I assume we're ignoring the movie for obvious reasons! but it would also be cool if you did an AU of the movie that ends Leo/Veronica because their scene together was really, really cute!)? The ending of the show was a real downer in terms of Neptune's corruption and hope for the town; I'd like to see Veronica and security-officer Leo fighting crime and corruption together. It would be pretty cool if Veronica did end up in the FBI after all, too. Some relevant tropes I love: going undercover as a couple, being forced to share a bed, us against the world, you're the only one I can trust, etc. If you're feeling something more domestic, meeting the parents (either set) would be great and probably hilarious/sweet.

My babies!!! Again, something ignoring the movie is probably best for obvious reasons. I would be really happy with a canon divergence AU from the first couple of seasons where they get together. Maybe friends-with-benefits to something more? Working a case together with any of the relevant tropes (i.e., undercover as a couple, etc)? I really like how their wariness of each other and mutual antagonism morphed into something deeper and warmer as time went on (without losing any of the banter and sharpness), so anything that plays on that dynamic would be great. Or something set post-series having to do with Veronica's return to Neptune? Again, FBI Veronica could be a lot of fun. Or ... they could reunite in post-apocalyptic California!
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Apropos of nothing, I am now feeling a little smug that I once wrote a post-apocalyptic road trip story with skinny dipping (although, alas, not in any of your fandoms). No time loops, though.
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